13 Best Ping Pong Table Reviews 2020 [Indoor and Outdoor]

Hey, if you are looking for the best ping pong table for the professional level or your enjoyment.

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Well, are you eager to buy the best ping pong table but you are confused about their different types and brands. Making a proper decision is always challenging.

But there is no problem at all.

If you give a little time to read the article carefully, you will get all the answers to your questions that will help you to make your decision. We can guarantee you will get the best ping pong table that you are looking for.

Why Do You Need Ping Pong Table?

Ping Pong, the most popular game over the world, is widely known as table tennis. Ping pong or table tennis is a game and it needs a table as the requirement of the game like other games. For example, you have a car but it has no steering. How will you drive the car? Like this, without a ping pong table, you can not play ping pong or table tennis. Not only the table, but you also need balls, paddles and if you want to pay alone or want to practice, you need ping pong machine.

The ping pong table is not only for your betterment, whether you are professional or not but also for the people around you like friends, family and who are interested in the game. You can improve your game skills by practicing with the ping pong paddle and the ping pong ball.

If you want to be professional in this game, you need to choose everything perfectly. Ping pong can be great fun for you and your family if you want to spend quality time with your family. It can be a great exercise for you as well to keep you healthy and fit for a long time. So ping pong can be a perfect thing for your daily life.

Top Pick- STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table

best ping pong table

Our experts have analyzed a lot in the market to find out the best ping pong table. After all that hard work they have found STIGA  advance competition as the best ping pong table based on the customer reviews. More than 17 customers had shared their experience regarding this table.

STIGA advance competition has great features that have drawn the customer’s attention from the very first look. Its build quality is the main satisfactory side. The smooth surface of the STIGA ping pong table will give you the best playing experience.

The moveability of this table is another key factor that makes this particular ping pong table unique. You can take it anywhere very easily.

Before buying any product people tend to follow some requirements. This STIGA advance competition ping pong table fulfills all the requirements. That’s the reason our experts have recommended this one to the customers.


  • Perfect for home or office
  • 95% pre-assembled
  • Caster locking mechanism
  • 5/8 thick tabletop
  • Easy setup net set
  • Multi-purpose table halves
  • Unique features
  • Safety latch system
  • Easy storage
  • Playback mode


  • Sometimes shipping can be challenging

13 Best Ping Pong Table Reviews 2020 and The Ultimate Buying Guide

Here we have reviewed 13 best ping pong tables from our expert’s suggestion and from the customer’s reviews and feedback. So why you should choose a best table from this list?

If you read the whole article you will get the answer to why you should buy it.

1.JOOLA Inside Ping Pong Table

best ping pong table

Joola inside ping pong table is one of the best ping pong table based on its performance, build quality and unique design. This table can boost your performance depending on the satisfaction of your mind. Joola inside is very affordable.

Depending on its different size and type you can choose any of them. you can pick 3/4, 5/8, or you can go for 1-inch thickness. For the regular use, we recommend you to go for the 3/4 inch and for the club use as well. you will get the best result and best comfort that will make you feel comfortable.

The dark blue color of JOOLA inside with the black iron legs have made the table amazing. Based on the build materials the table is very strong.

it is very long-lasting and durable. Joola inside 3/4 and 1-inch has similar kind of ball bounce. Ball bounce height is slightly smaller in 3/4 rather than another one.

The table is divided into two parts and the parts are joined together in the middle. Before starting the game you just have to tighten up the parts with the screw on the legs and clamp on the net. Then you are ready to play the game.

Depending upon its price you will get the best features and performance. Some noticeable thing that you can see is the wheel locking, corner grip for protection and the legs folding. Because of legs folding you can store it in a small place that can not trouble your other purpose. It takes a very short time not more than 1 minute.

In comparison with the price, the table will give you more value. This particular ping pong table is very strong in build quality so it will last longer. You will experience an amazing playing mode.

Joola Inside is the best choice for all kinds of players. The structure of all the Joola Inside table is quite the same. The most significant changes are in the thickness. Overall this is the great playing ping pong table from every aspect.


  • Super easy to assemble
  • Construction quality is amazing
  • Entry-level recreational size is great
  • Pretty strong net clamps


  • As per the Amazon review, customer service is not satisfactory
  • Set of wheels are challenging
2.JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade

best ping pong table

Let’s talk about one of the best indoor ping pong tables. Here it comes Joola rally tl professional grade. If you are searching for a tournament-level feel from the home, this table is the best option for you. You can practice by yourself or you can call for your family members or your friend to develop your skill to the next level.

The basic requirement of being a good ping pong table is taking less time to assemble and Joola rally tl table is perfectly fit for this. It does not take much time as it is 95% pre-assembled. Generally, it takes around fifteen minutes to set for playing. It is very easy for a person to move the table because it becomes small in size of its folding system. One can unfold it very easily and can prepare to play. The locking technique of the wheel helps it to stay stable during your unconscious push.

There are a couple of options of (15mm)5/8 inch, (18mm)3/4 inch and (25mm) 1-inch of this table. Depending on your needs and experience you can pick any of them. For the consistency and smooth ball bounce, the surface of the table is made up of thick medium density MDF fiberboard that makes the table more durable. The legs of the table on four corner are made by light steel that adjust the balance and give a fantastic playing environment.

The most amazing feature of this table that makes it different from others is the magnetic abacus scorer that calculates the game point. All these facilities make the JOOLA rally tl top reviewed ping pong table. So you can buy it undoubtedly to get better feelings of gaming.


  • Awesome craftsmanship
  • The great solid playing surface
  • Very smooth and beautiful to look
  • Assembling is very easy and fast


  • Shipping is not much great
3.JOOLA Tour Professional Grade

best ping pong table

JOOLA tour professional grade ping pong table is another best indoor table for tournament play that offers competition grade. Whether you are professional or a beginner at this game this table will help you all the way to be perfect at this game.

Depending on the size of the table you can get 5/8 inch(15mm),3/4inch(18mm) and 1-inch(25mm). If you think about opening a club in a professional case, it would be better if you go for the 1-inch(25mm) thickness. To get the better ball bounce the surface is made up of durable thick medium-density fiberboard(MDF).

The very good reason to choose this table is an easy setup. It is so easy and quick to set up. It takes approximately 15 minutes to ready for the table to play as it is 95% pre-assembled. There is a net that arises with it. So you just need to practice solo for your development by folding the table in half.

It is very easy to move the table from one place to another for its four-wheel system. The four-wheel system has a locking mechanism that helps the table to stay stable during the use of full size or halved play mode. The level of playing surface is maintained by the legs of the table.

Overall Joola Tour ping pong table is the complete package that you need to take your game skill to the next level in competitive play and regular tournaments.


  • MDF painted surface for reliable ball bounce
  • Solo playback mode
  • Folding halves help a single person to carry
  • Very easy to clamp the net
  • Construction is well off


  • Rare shipping delay
4.JOOLA Midsize Compact

best ping pong table

If you do not have a room for a full-size ping pong table, Joola midsize compact will solve your problem within no time. Because it is two-third of a full-size ping pong table. It can easily be folded up and can be stored in a tiny place. Though the size of the table is small, you will get great practice experience undoubtedly.

The JOOLA Midsize Compact ping pong table is very easy to set up and assemble. The table is pre-assembled and saves more time than other ping pong table. All you have to do is clamps the net and unfold the legs of the table and you are ready to play.

The JOOLA Midsize Compact table is separated into two parts. The divided two parts can be stored separately as the two halves come apart and legs fold up. You can use these two halves as different smaller tables but that could be dangerous for the surface of the table’s playing mode. So we do not recommend that for you.

It comes to the right adjustment of the height when it is set up for the tournament. As the size of this table is two-third of the full-time full-size ping pong table, it could be a little uncomfortable for the beginner level player for the short surface. But for the professional, it is much comfortable to them.

This particular table is not going to give you the professional environment but the price of this table is much lower in comparison with its competitors. It is the best ping pong table for the training of recreational play.


  • Multi-use table beside play
  • Legs can be folded
  • Separate halves
  • Standard height
  • The net set is included
  • 100% pre-assembled
  • Lightweight


  • Small in size

5.Butterfly Centrefold 25

best ping pong table

If you are looking for a great professional ping pong table, Butterfly Centerfold 25 table is one of the best tables because of it’s build quality, durability, and features. It is the table of the top brand in the market. In most of the sports fraternity, ping pong clubs are using this table around the world. Not only the clubs are using this table but also the international ping pong competition is covering by Butterfly Centerfold 25  table.

Because of being the most popular table at the competition level is its playing mode. The weight of this table is around 300 pounds and the tabletop is 1 inch or 25mm.

Whenever you think about buying a big-budget ping pong table, generally the warranty or guarantee issue comes in mind so rapidly. In this case, the table owns a 5 years warranty Which is really a huge time.

The basic requirement of being the best table is its thickness. The Butterfly Centerfold 25 has the 1-inch tabletop which is scratch proof and this makes the table very best in the market.

The steel covering around the table is protecting the table from the damage. The legs of the table are also made by the 2″ steel.

The table is fully assembled before ships. You just need to unbox the table set the net and start to play. It’s really very easy to set up.

The Butterfly Centerfold 25 ping pong table can be folded in the middle. All have to do is release the safety lever on each part and fold the table very easily and store the table in a very short place.

The wheel locking is the most pleasing part of the table, which makes the table stable during gameplay. The wheels also help to carry the table from one place to another very comfortably.

The very best part of the Butterfly Centerfold 25 is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation.

So for the best professional-grade ping pong table, we recommend The Butterfly Centerfold 25 table.


  • Competition level Table
  • Fold easily
  • Assemble easily
  • Warranty of 5 years
  • Different color option
  • Store in minimum space


  • A little heavier than other tables
  • High price


6.Butterfly Easifold Ping Pong Table

Best PIng Pong Table

At an affordable price, the Butterfly Easifold ping pong table ensures the very best quality of the table. If you are looking for a table this is good in quality and low in price then this is the right option for you. As you know, the butterfly brand is very popular in the market. So they ensure the best quality of their products.

We always recommend the professional players to practice in a table that’s top is at least 19mm. Some cheap tables can be less than that in the tabletop. So in this sense, the Butterfly Easifold meets the requirements.


The Butterfly Easifold ping pong table is 9*5 regulation size. Better than other tables in the clipping net set. The strong steel frame provides more durability in this table.

The Butterfly Easifold ping pong table has three years warranty that provides more strength to the customer’s mind. The table is very easy to assemble takes around 10 minutes along with the wheels.

Like a ping pong lover, you probably know the thicker the table the more you get playing experience with the ball bounce. Apart from other low-quality tables, this table has a 19mm tabletop that made the table competition grade.

The Butterfly Easifold ping pong table is separated into two halves in the middle that helps it to store easily in a short-range. The double locking mechanism helps the table to stay stable during gameplay. The separated two parts of the table have four own wheels in each part that helps the table to move easily to one place to another.

The table has a playback mode because of its two halves. If you want to practice alone just unfold one side of the table and start practicing.

The net set is included with it and very easy to set and remove that gives more comfort to the player.

As our experts have studied a lot about this table, we will recommend you to buy the Butterfly Easifold table for the beginner, the intermediate and for the professional. As the table is reasonable, you can easily pick this one and start playing the game and take your skill to the next level.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Competition grade table
  • Easy storage
  • Playback mode
  • Warranty of three years
  • Net set added
  • Available in blue and green color
  • Wheel locking mechanism
  • Made from MDF


  • Sometimes shipping can be challenging
7.STIGA XTR Ping Pong Table

Best Ping POng Table

There are a lot of options in the ping pong table market which comes from a dozen brands. But unfortunately, all these tables do not fulfill the requirements of the customers. Researching on that fact we have got, some customer often says they can not find the right table of their requirements.

Actually, there are some factors like features, indoor or outdoor, and price should take into account before buying a ping pong table. Well if you are looking for a mid-range best table for outdoor then you have come to the right place. Based on our experts say we recommend you to buy the Stiga XTR ping pong table. Because you can use it for both indoor and outdoor play of its very best in the mid-budget. So it would be the right choice for you because it has all the latest features of a ping pong table.


The best part of the Stiga XTR is the aluminum top surface that provides a very smooth playing experience and protects the table from the weather damages. The table is much durable as well for this feature. The Stiga XTR table’s top is 6mm thick that is awesome for experiencing a great game. The table is 95% preassembled, So it does not take more than 10 minutes to ready for play. Storage would be the easiest function for the table. Because it can fold in the middle.

Playback position is another important factor for all types of ping pong players. Whether you are a beginner or a professional you can practice yourself whenever you want for the playback position. If you can do so it will take your playing skill to the next level.

So considering all the beneficial features of the Stiga XTR ping pong table, we recommend you to buy and take your game level to the next.


  • Both indoor and outdoor play
  • A perfect table for the mid-range
  • 95% pre-assembled
  • Aluminum tabletop
  • Very durable table
  • Perfect for all types of player
  • Ultra-compact storage
  • Self-opening legs


  • Leg’s levelers adjusting can be challenging sometimes
  • The price is a little high
8. STIGA Expert Roller

best ping pong table

Their top portable game equipment version, the STIGA Expert Roller Table includes an amount that may create some Blanche. It’s on the pricey side to get a portable unit, however between the qualities with the and STIGA’s standing for high-quality athletic equipment goods that you readily get your money’s worth in such a particular one.

Where it speeds very full of in its own sturdiness, owing to the Pro’s 2.5 from 1.5-inch steel thighs. It’s produced to undertake hard shots and yields and maybe not only a millimeter.

As soon as it’s probably a little much for your individual buying their very first equipment. For people who are trying to find a unit that may withstand years of usage and play amazing, the STIGA Pro is a fantastic option.


  • Easy assembly
  • 2″ steel cover to protect sides.
  • Post and net included.
  • Reasonable price


  • Heavy in weight
  • Surface top 3/4-inch
9. STIGA Synergy Indoor Table Tennis Table

best ping pong table

The STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table, similar to the remainder of its own Synergy lineup attracts STIGA’s trustworthiness of earning quality, professional-caliber sports-equipment to the amateur player. The Synergy, even though just a little is significantly more costly than other models believed to be entry models, does provide a unit perfect for the newcomer than a good experienced player can love.

The Synergy, unlike many types of its category, gets got the mark at top silk-screened in the place of paint, providing an entirely smooth and flat coating that’s generally only available on more costly models. Coupling this using its 2-inch compact steel sander, the Synergy supplies the consistent and true drama that’s due to more expensive components.

There’s also an awareness of detail onto it that will be unparalleled in its own category. The legs open mechanically when unlocked, which may make preparing the dining table out of storage a lot simpler.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Tournament grade surface.
  • Suitable for practice.


  • 198 lbs.
  • Sometimes shipping can be challenging.
10. Sponeta Super Compact Ping Pong Table

best ping pong tableIf we look carefully for the bendable models of high-quality tables that follow both cost and grade and supported by ITTF tournaments, the name Sponeta Super Compact ping pong table comes around earlier. Most of the quality apparatus like this always worth the money you burnt out. This model is a suitable choice for advanced or experts, as it is a foldable model with a tournament-grade table.

The most valuable signature about this model can be described without hesitation is muscular enough to be particular on the folding part. The middle of the steel fixture and particleboard exterior thickness of one inch hold it tight, so it can not move. A natural mechanical click method and gas compulsive jump help the table easily be folded even with its weight. Only a single person can move and store it because of its spindle wheels.

This model has rolling chair availability, whereas many other foldable tables do not offer, and it can easily be stored. Though the price seems high for this model, it provides better quality over your pay.


  • Competition level table approved by ITTF
  • Sponeta fits in any ground including uneven place
  • Easy mechanical click method does not allow to move
  • Easy store saves time and space
  • Includes Moveable casters and strong legs


  • Adjustment of the net can be challenging sometimes
  • Heavyweight can resist one person to move sometimes
  • Fewer reviews from users
11. Stiga InstaPlay Indoor Ping Pong Table

ping pong table reviewsLike other Stiga table, Instapaly comes with a dual skeleton copy for those who are looking for a smooth moving table for the arcade. As a symbol of reputation from Stiga brand, they have included all necessary materials, but with a high price compared with others. Even it contains a little bit of high price tag, it offers a perfect combination of the best tables of ping pong.

The hints in its name Instaplay indicates a smooth and speedy setup. It happens because of its unbolt welfare latches. The latches can easily be unlocked, but it can not unbolt by itself. It takes less time and quickly set up, so the people who expect these types of features want this model very often.

Like many other models from Stiga, it is one of the leading tables with many characteristics like safety, latch, and side protection from the appliance of sports. However, there is a controversy because of its price with value.


  • Instant ready to play after coming out from the box
  • Smooth black color playing ground comes up with ¾ inch
  • Includes rolling casters on the legs
  • Make a comfortable position for playing folding other legs
  • Comes up with free net that fits with the table in no time
  • Corner protection provides extra safety


  • Shipping may do some damage
  • Sometimes boundary lines may not be even
  • Some people may think it contains a high price tag
12. Stiga Triumph Indoor Ping Pong Table

best ping pong tableLike other inexpensive regular models, Stiga Triumph is not only a basic model but also provides better value as it is manufactured by the renowned ping pong table brand Stiga. The brand never cheats with the users, whereas they offer great value to their product to hold their reputations and quality.

The Stiga Triumph has more than one game capacity, and its price is at the base level. The table performs its task successfully. Despite the low-quality models come up with inconsistent balls rebound because of its playing exterior, the Triumph contains colored lines in exchange for the display printed bar from additional Stiga elements. But this is not a concerning issue at all because many high-quality tables have painted edges.

A factor that can be counted though is the folding part of the net is not even sometimes in the practice session. But you can easily ignore it as it does not ruin your play motion. Over its price, it is accounted for as a good option for playing the game.


  • Coming out from the box it takes around 15 minutes to be ready
  • It has a standard tournament size of ⅝ inch
  • The metal apron of two inches ensures extra safety
  • Legs are durable and made of steel
  • The three inches wheel size includes mag
  • Net and post set came up with the table


  • Can only be used in indoor
  • During storage, it makes a gap in the fold part
  • Shipping can add some damages
13. Stiga STS 420

Best Ping Pong Table 2020Stiga STS 420 is a portable table that can add crazy experience during your game though it will cost an abundant amount from your wallet. Still, you can not understand the value of this table without using it for a particular time with its functional benefits.

You do not have to think about its exterior ground for a long time even after for a couple of years as its surface is one inch across, and it generates exact bounce years of playing. Ping Pong Ball holders in the corners give an extra advantage to keep the balls there. As a result, the balls remain safe, and most of the Stiga table models provide this opportunity for the users as they promised.

The most useful thing about the table is pre-assembled, and it helps the user to play instantly, bringing out from the box and set the levelers to the legs and some bolts. After observing the design and the finishing line of the table, many consumers changed their minds about the money they paid for it. It brought a satisfactory smile on their face watching the quality and durability from the front.


  • Fulfill the tournament requirements
  • Sturdy table from Stiga
  • The legs have leveler to adjust in uneven ground
  • Five-inch wheel with locking system
  • Compartments to keep balls
  • Include playback position


  • The surface is vulnerable to damage
  • Particleboard is not strong enough sometimes
  • Hard to Store for a single person

How to choose a ping pong table

Let’s talk about how to choose the best ping pong table? What are the key factors to keep in mind to buy a ping pong table? Does thickness matter? What is your position as a player? All these things we have covered here clearly.

Indoor Or Outdoor Ping Pong Table?

First of all, you have to think about what type of table you need? Does your game room hold enough space for the full-size ping pong table? Then you can go to the indoor table apart from that you can go to an outdoor table. But the best ping pong table does not depend on indoor or outdoor. It depends on the stability and playing surface of the table.

In general, most of the indoor tables can be folded and you can store it wherever you want. On the other hand, if you have the intention to play outside but need to fold your table, you can use your indoor table outside of your home or office as an outdoor table on supportive weather.

Experience Level

If you are a beginner looking for a ping pong table to improve your skill or want a table to spend quality time with your family or friends, you will not get much difference between the solid and high-end table. For this type, you can go for mid-budget that won’t affect your experience so high.

For your office. it would be better to take a sturdier table. The table gives more solid ball bounce that makes good sense.


The most important thing is the space you have to set up your ping pong table. Does it hold enough space? For the full-size table 9 feet by 5 feet, you need more space than the small one. It will take almost 5 feet for all sides for the optimal space.


First of all, money is the crucial first factor before you buy something. Everyone has a budget to buy the product. So for the ping pong table, if you read some reviews before buying, it is a higher chance to get the best ping pong table.

Ping pong table has a wide range based on price. A premium model of a ping pong table can cost you a thousand dollars from your pocket. A brand can be the best option to get a better ping pong table. Besides that, there are some which can be good tables as well. That could cost you more than 800 dollars and that can give you an awesome playing experience. This type of table can be perfect for those who want to entertain their family and want to spend quality time playing very occasionally.

Along with a ping pong table, nets are also an important thing here. Whenever you going to buy a net, you need to be concern about it as well. So a good net will cost a little amount in comparison with the table. Clipping net would be very much helpful to prepare a table in a short time.

Surface Thickness of Ping Pong Table

surface thickness of ping pong tableThe most important thing to keep in mind to choose the best ping pong table is the surface thickness of the ping pong table. The different surface of the table gives a different ball bounce whereas two different paddles give the same.

Wood, plastic or fiberglass are the basic materials for the professional ping pong table mostly. Depending on the build materials give the different ball bounce. For example, the Wood surface will generate less bounce than a thicker surface. The perfect thickness for the best ping pong table is around 18mm to 20mm.

The primary concern of a ping pong table is the tabletop thickness when you are comparing the table. As because of, the tabletop the ball bounce well. The bottom of the table is not that much important as this is used as a striking part of the table.

If your budget is $350-450 dollar and you can not afford more than this amount, you should go for cheaper but the most appropriate ping pong table starts from (.75inch). The most common thickness of measuring a table is from 15mm 18mm that gives you good playing conditions. But if you intend to play regularly, it would be better to go for something special. If you go for a more thinner table than this you will not get enough bounce for the money.

Usually, the professional level ping pong table is 25mm(1 inch) which is more expensive. But you will get the best playing mode and the guarantee that you are looking for as you cost much amount on it. It will last a long time and the condition will be all right after a couple of years. For example, the folding tables are not durable like the non-folding tables. Because of the poor materials of the frame of non-expensive ping pong tables can bend over with the time.

Whereas the competition level table has no record like that as we surveyed among huge samples and got reviews from the customers. Most of the clubs are using the 22mm thick ping pong table and are being used in the home as well.

As the professional tables are more durable and last so long. We will recommend you to buy a competition level table to enjoy both professional and personal.

Strength of Frame

ping pong table reviewUnnecessary to point out, people want the best quality and strong frame that can provide better service for a long time even after rough use. And the people who want to be professional, they exactly want that.

Stable and non-folding tables are more durable than the folding one because of their strong build quality. The bad side of that table is you can not store it in a small space and they stay stand all the time.

The great table’s frames are made of stainless steel that is more durable whereas some of them are made of wood. Wooden frames do not last as long as the steel frame. Stainless steel frames are heavy but it provides the best service.

If you want to play with your family and friends or with the kids. You should keep in mind is the height of the table along with stability. If you play with kids, you need a less height table. So if the table has the capability to move lower to upper or upper to lower that would be a great deal.

So the strength of the frame of the ping pong table is an important issue that should not be forgotten.

Other essential features

Best Ping Pong TableAn important issue is to clamp the ping pong table net. If the net set does not adjust properly on the table, you can not get the best playing mode. Cheap tables have such a problem. So you can not use these tables in the competition whose net is not adjusted.

Another thing is the design to buy a ping pong table. A great look will change your mind while playing and it will increase your performance for sure.

Apart from that, build quality is another useful issue as you are spending money on the ping pong table. It has to last longer. The materials should be the best quality.

Other factors would be as lightweight as it can move quickly and size that can fit in your place.

So we have talked about the major things you should keep in mind before buying the best ping pong table and we are going to give you the 13 best ping pong tables reviews with the comparison. It will help you to understand clearly which table to buy.

Cheap Ping Pong Tables

Are you looking for cheap ping pong tables?

Well, you have just in the right place. we are going to review the cheapest ping pong table in the market under $300 that you are in search of.

Before the review, I am going to tell you an inspiring story that has changed the life of a boy named Smith over 250 pounds of weight.

How was that?

Quite easy to say because of ping pong. Well, the boy was suffering a lot with different types of diseases because of obesity. As a result, he was going backward from his study, family, friends and especially from his confidence though he was consulting with his doctor regularly. But with the medicine and the diagnosis, it wasn’t getting better.

One day, one of his father’s friends came to visit them who was a professional ping pong player who saw the boy and told him to join him in the ping pong. That day was the most important day of his life.

Joining with Mr. Maxwell Smith’s father’s friend, after 6 months he reduced his weight over 60 pounds. Continuing that he recovered from all of his barriers and got a very normal life after a year.

So this type of problem can be easily solved when you stat playing ping pong regularly.

As you are not playing professionally for this case, you should not go for the expensive ping pong tables.

So here we are reviewing some cheap ping pong table which is considered as the best ping pong table under $300.

List of Cheap Ping Pong Table

  • MD Sports Ping Pong Table Set
  • Joola Tera- 4 pieces ping pong table top for pool table
  • Joola Regulation ping pong conversion top
  • Eastpoint Sports setup ping pong table
  • Hathaway BG2305 Crossover 60
  • AceLife Ping Pong table midsize compact
  • Franklin Sports ping pong table
  • Franklin Sports Full-Size table tennis conversion
  • Park & Sun sports indoor/outdoor mini table tennis table
  • Franklin Sports midsize table tennis table
1. MD Sports Ping Pong Table

Md sports Ping Pong Table

Important things about the MD sports ping pong table are free sets of posts of 2 pieces, paddles of 2 pieces and balls of two pieces. Getting something as a gift is always interesting and people expect to get it from anywhere. For this reason, it will add extra fun to your game.

As a result of the 15mm tabletop, the table will provide a general ball bounce. The able is quite stable because of its structure. But the weight of the table is less than the other tables. It is around 121 lbs.

After unboxing, unfold the table set the post and net take the paddle in hand and start hitting the ball in a quick mode. This is the most interesting matter about the table.

You can fold the table when you like to play the single-mode game. In addition, the table is safe for the kids as the price is quite low.

Apart from that, the manufacturer of the table gives you a money-back guarantee within 30 days. So it is much safer than other tables.


  • Price is quite low.
  • Much Durable compared to its level.
  • Free set of 8 pieces.
  • Typical ball bounce.
  • Playback mode.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.


  • Low budget table.
  • Experiences do not come as expectations.
2. Joola Conversion Table Tennis Top

Joola Tera Table Tennis Table

Multi-purpose Joola conversion table tennis top is 4 piece pool table that has been used in many ways.

To begin with, you can use it as your billiard, apart from that, you can use it as your air hockey, another thing is, you can use it as your picnic table, or you can use it as your dining table as well. Where do you want to use this multi-purpose 12mm thick table is fit everywhere.

An example of a perfect table in the low budget from the most popular and trusted table brand Joola. Joola is a proud partner of many tournaments at the international level as the sponsor.

Joola Tera-4 piece ping pong table design helps to compact storage of the table in no time. Setting up the table is hassle-free as it comes in a pre-assemble way to the customer.

The tabletop remains marks-free because of the protective pads. So in this low budget this one of the best pool table you can buy.


  • From Olympic brand Joola.
  • Multi-purpose table.
  • 12mm thick tabletop.
  • Compact storage.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Protective pads save from scratch.


  • Low budget table.
3. Joola Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top

best ping pong table

Joola Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top is Mdf made full-size pool ping pong table. If you are looking for ping pong tabletop then it will the best option for you.

Because it is made from Joola. They never compromise with their quality. So you should not miss this opportunity to grab this pool table.

The table comes pre-assembled. As a result, there is no hassle for you to set up. Just it will take a minute to let you play the game. When you are finished and want to go for another game like billiard then you are quite welcome just remove the top and start playing the billiard.

There are enough pads that come with the tabletop to protect your table from scratch. And that gives you the opportunity to dominate your friends in the ping pong along with the billiard.

Well, the pool table is 8 feet long which is the standard length of a ping pong table. You are not satisfied with the quality of the product from the Joola, you simply give you feedback to make them better. As you get that opportunity to send your feedback to Joola.


  • Ping pong pool table.
  • Foam backing and net set.
  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • The billiard table is safe by foam backing.
  • 100% pre-assemble.
  • Protect your investment.
  • Standard table length of 8 feet.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.


  • low budget pool table.
4. EastPoint Easy Setup Table Tennis Table

Best Ping Pong Table

Setting up a ping pong table in the basement, recreation room or outdoor can be the easy way to come closer to your family members and friends.

The wheels of the table help to move the table easily from one place to another. It also helps storage.

The structure of the table provides a long-lasting guarantee. The frame of powder-coated steel helps to prevent rust. As a result, it remains clean and smooth in look.

The table is very easy to set up takes not more than a minute. This table is specially made for the indoor game. It helps to bring your close persons to your house at a time.

The standard size of a ping pong table is 9 feet * 5 feet. So you are getting that from this table. If you are a fun seeker and a family lover then you can buy this table. It will help you.


  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • Protect your investment.
  • Standard table length of 9 feet * 5 feet.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.
  • High performance in its level.


  • low budget table.


All ping pong tables are not the same in features. Choosing the best table is a matter of consideration that takes time and makes you confused. So considering all that matters like built quality, size, and features. We have tried to give you the full review of the best ping pong tables in the market.

So it will help you now to take the proper decision to buy the best ping pong table.