11 Best Baseball Cleats for Youth that Worth to Buy in 2020

Are you looking for the best baseball cleats for youth, kids, and girls?

Of course, you are! We know that. How do we know that?

Well, we know a baseball cleat is not only a cleat to you but also a best friend as you carry it with you and wear it for the best performance during your game in the field.

Now, pay more attention while we are going to explain why you should buy the best baseball cleats. Starting with a short story will be more convenient for you. John, an eighteen years old baseball player was not concern about his brace. How is it look like, comfortable or not? How long is it going to last? What are the materials it is made of, or how is the spike of this cleat?

He wasn’t aware of any of these. Once while he was playing, first, he slipped. After some time, his cleat’s sole were departed from the leather. So he could not perform well in that match. This kind of bad thing was happening with him most often. Then he focused on that issue and solved this matter. Now he is performing very well in every match.

Apart from John’s story, a kid named Austin is an excellent baseball player. Recently he was playing a match against a powerful opponent, and suddenly his cleat was damaged while catching the ball. He was seriously injured in his ankle by that incident and could not play that match further.

Without choosing the best cleat for you could be a life-risking injury for your health as well as your career.

So here we are to help you find the best baseball cleats youth, kids, and girls. We have reviewed the best cleats of 2020 that will worth your money with the perfect fit that ensures safety. Our experts have researched a lot to make sure to find the best baseball cleats for your daily use in the field.

What we have considered while selecting the best cleats for you is durability, budget, looking, comfort, speed, the material they made of, type, and ankle support. So if a cleat fulfills all the requirements of our experts, we have enlisted then only in our review. So we are expecting to suggest you the best cleats of the markets with the high value to make sure that can help you in all ways.

Here is our top pick for the best baseball cleats that will boost your performance

we have enlisted this cleat as our top pick based on several things, including our expert’s choice. It fulfills all the requirements, along with the best customer reviews from the users.

Adidas Men's Adizero Afterburner V Baseball Shoe
best baseball cleats for youth

  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.8 x 6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.45 pounds
  • Very lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • High demand with durability

Top 11 Best Baseball Cleats for Youth Reviews 2020 that Worth Your Money

If your question is, what are the best baseball cleats? Then these are the best answer with the product details below. You can go and pick any of these cleats from our list without any doubt.

1. Under Armour Leadoff RM Jr.- best baseball cleats for speed

best baseball cleat for youthThis is one of the best cleats for baseball for a different reason. First of all, Under Armour Leadoff RM Jr is a premium quality cleats for it’s look.

Secondly, they have used synthetic sole in this cleat, which provides better comfort to wear.

Another thing is that in this model, they used mesh tongue that gives breathability and keeps the foot fresh and prevents sweat for a very long time.

Furthermore, Under Armour, Leadoff is a very durable cleat because of it’s built quality. They have used high-quality materials in it, which ensures it’s long durability.

Apart from that, it is very lightweight. So players feel very comfortable wearing this during the game session, especially while they run. It boosts the running speed of a player. Flexibility is another reason why most of the player like this cleat very much and it makes movement quite easy.

To some extent, this is one of the high-quality cleats in the market and sometimes it seems thin. But we can assure you that you will get the perfect fit for your choice in this budget.

2. Under Armour Harper RM Jr.- best baseball cleats for ankle support

best baseball cleat for youthThe Under Armour Harper RM Jr has a specialty that is ankle support. This model provides the best ankle support rather than other models in this budget in the market. The gorgeous premium look of this cleat has a special place in the user’s mind.

The great design of this cleat draws attention to the kids most not only for the design but also for the logo of the Under Armour. Its premium look can attract anyone’s first attention.

People use their preferred brand cleats for two particular reasons, one is padding, and the other is cushioning because two of these combination provides comfort and best support for the users.

Other extraordinary things come from the balance of weight and support. The baseball players can not think of cleats without lightweight because they need to run for a long time throughout the game. Lightweight cleats improve the running speed and consume less energy.

A wide range of color options makes this very model unique cleat in the market. When the kids wear this RM Jr. model while playing, they feel very confident, and it helps them do better performance in the game.

If we talk about the high-top cleat,  it will take the best place over other models in the market for sure. The reason behind this, we talked to many professional players, and they provided very positive reviews about this cleat.

Velcro Strap is an additional feature because it ensures the safety of the ankle while players run in the field roughly. It holds the cleat very tight with the ankle and the lower leg.

Despite being a high-top cleat, its weight is around 9 ounce. The cushioning is so good as it keeps the feet fresh and dry for the whole day.

The bad news is after heavy use, the velcro strap becomes weak, and it wears out sometimes.

3. Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly- best nike baseball cleats

best baseball cleats for youth, kids, girlsFor any kind of sports, cleats weight is the most significant issue because it is related to boost the user’s performance. If the cleat becomes heavy, it will be devastating for a player to run properly with that cleat. Whereas the lightweight cleat helps him/her to boost the running speed.

So this Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly cleat is a deficient weight with its high end built quality. The leather provides the long term durability for this cleat. The leather is so high-quality that it fits with any kind of feet, and it looks cool when someone wears it and plays.

This is called the overall cleat as it fits with everyone. The Flywire cables ensure the perfect match for all players. For a special kind of cleat, supporting arch is very important, and it provides this requirement ideally. The cushioning gives comfort with phylon sole that is the best part of this Nike brand.

There are very few cleats in the market that are compared with this one in this price range. So overall, what we can tell you is that, if you need a baseball cleat and your budget matches with this Ultrafly, then don’t be late to make your day with investing your money.

So undoubtedly saying you are good to go for a cleat that will pay you worth with the premium look, quality, and durability. It is one of the best baseball cleats for youth that our expert says.

4. Mizuno Advanced Franchise 9

best baseball cleats for youthIf you are looking for a fit baseball cleat, then here we are reviewing Mizuno Advanced Franchise 9 cleat will be the most suitable one for you. This is an ultra-fit model with its gorgeous looking from outside and inside. Because it is made of considering several matters, including low price. A very lightweight cleat that can fulfill your needs as a professional baseball player, or as a fun seeker.

Comfort is the primary thing any baseball player consider while buying a baseball cleat. No other cleats can be as comfortable as this one because it has used padded tongue for extra comfort.

But the limitations of this model of the cleat are low-top. And the lower amount of variations in the design makes a heartbroken feeling for the users. This particular brand is preparing cleats for approximately 90 years. They started their journey back in 1928 and still providing better and better services for the baseball cleats lovers, and they were the first ones who produced 9 point cleats of baseball in history.

Whenever we talk about the spike, it comes to mind that nine spikes are the best cleats for the stability of a player. Padded tongue, along with long midsole ensures the perfect positioning of a player in the field. So overall, it will improve your gaming performance professionally.

5. Nike Kids’ Alpha Huarache Pro- best looking baseball cleats

best baseball cleats for youthNike Kids’ Alpha Huarache Pro’s design will blow your mind in the very first look. Beautifully built quality and premium look of this cleat let people make the decision easy to buy.

The red and white color combination with the Nike logo gives a sexy look with a high-top cleat. The built materials are compelling when you first touch, you can see. It will feel very premium, and the spike under the sole will keep your eyes stuck for a while.

The height of this cleat is perfect, and the midsole provides extra support and padding. It protects you from different injuries as it fits with any kind of feet. The leather section is friendly, so it keeps the feet dry and cools all day long for the game.

Though the cleat is a bit heavy considering others, it fits with all the athletes. It does not feel too heavy most of the time as we talked with some of the users. They said that’s not a problem at all.  Although it seems heavy, it does not affect the payer’s performance.

Nike Alpha is a little bit expensive, but the quality covers it providing the best durability for a very long time. If you buy it certainly you will make the best deal with yourself, it will worth your money for the cleat undoubtedly.

Some academic players we know are big fans of this model of cleats, and they are happy with it. If we talk about the flexibility of this very cleat, it will amaze you for a particular reason. All the requirements are added to this cleat from the manufacturer. They did not compromise with their making quality.

We believe that you are a strong player. So you will not feel any disturbed with this model and will enjoy a better experience playing with it in the game. Considering the quality, you will feel brilliant, among others, for sure.

So undoubtedly we recommend Nike Alpha Huarache for you if you have a budget for this cleat.

6. New Balance 4040v5 Baseball Cleat

best baseball cleats for speedWhen we talk about the New Balance brand, it is evident to everyone that the brand never compromises with their built quality. So the New Balance 4040v5 Baseball Cleat is one of the best cleats in the market and competing very well with others.

You will get high-end stability wearing it, and this is a long durable cleat you can get that from the very first look of it. There are a lot of people who have a wide foot can not buy their cleats, choosing it as they want. But we can guarantee you this cleat is a perfect option for you from every angle because they made it for both wide and small feet.

Many color option gives you another opportunity to pick the very best cleat for you. As it is very strong built, you can use it for a long time as your best buddy in the game.

So overall comfort, budget, durability, and support are coming from this 4040v5 and you will love to have it.

7. New Balance Men’s 3000v4 Shoe- best baseball cleats for catchers and pitchers

best baseball cleatsIt offers the size for men as an additional of from 4040v5. Because its size starts from 5 and above.

As we have reviewed six more cleats above, most of them are lightweight, and New Balance Men’s 3000v4 Baseball Shoe is no different from them in weight. But the synthetic materials of this cleat made it even lightweight and provided the best comfort feel to the players while they play in the field.

The 3000v4 perfectly fits with anyone and provides the best speed booster energy and ankle support, which is the primary expectation from all the cleat lovers of baseball. While they run, they can not feel they are wearing any kind of shoe that is the best part of this model.

Particularly saying this one is perfect for the catcher along with the pitchers as it provides the best toe strength. The reason we are explicitly saying the cleat is ideal for pitchers and catchers because these positions are more challenging, and they had to put extra pressure on their toe. And it helps them to produce strength to the toe.

So build quality, comfort, durability, and support from the cleat keep them in the top position in the market, and we recommend to buy this as well for the beginner to advanced player. So this is one of the best baseball cleats that give you back more than equal support than your money.

8. Adidas Adizero Afterburner V- best youth baseball cleats for wide feet

best baseball cleats youthOne of the best design baseball cleats in the market is Adidas Adizero Afterburner V. It is a very lightweight product as well. Then it is highly balanced cleat if we take in consideration with its level and budget.

Eye-catchy Afterburner draws everyone’s attention in the very first look. The color combination of this cleat is extraordinary. There are some cleats in the market, which are made for speed. Yes, this is one of them, and it provides the best playing experience.

If you are looking for a complete package of services from a baseball cleat, then it will make the right choice for you. The outstanding durability of this cleat can not be compared with others as it gives the feet very comfortable conditions as an extra benefit.

There are a lot of people who are using this cleat as their first option in the field. From that view, it is evident that they got excellent support from this model of baseball cleat.

From the customer’s reviews, we have seen that some of them said it is a bit wider than other cleats in the overall size. So it could be a concerning issue for the small feet. On the other hand, it is good news for the wide feet people as well. But in general, it is good for every player who wants to better-playing baseball cleat to boost their performance.

9. Nike Boy’s Vapor Keystone

best baseball cleats for youthVery few baseball cleats have synthetic leather in their built material. Because synthetic leather cleat becomes lightweight, and it is a mandatory thing for a good baseball cleat. Apart from that, Nike Vapor Keystone is a low-cut cleat.

There are small holes everywhere in the synthetic leather toe box which provides the breathability. It keeps the feet cool and dry for a long time that helps the players to speed up their game performance.

And it has a ventilation tongue and mesh collar that ensures cold and comfort during the game time. The built quality is so reliable that it gives the best durability and long time support.

Lightweight sock liner provides protection impact the feet. Then the budget is a little higher than other cleats in the market. But the performance and the reviews are quite well for this cleat.

In 2020 we suggest this cleat based on overall features and reviews. So we hope this one will be the best option for anyone.

10. New Balance Men’s 4040v5 Shoe- best baseball turf cleats

best baseball cleats for youthNew Balance Men’s 4040v5 Turf Baseball Shoe is in of the best baseball turf shoe in the market. The producer New Balance has made it significantly, and it is getting the best reviews from the users. They have talked a lot of good things about this baseball turf shoe.

This one among the turf has been used in the textile along with synthetic material. The synthetic sole of this turf made it unique and right looking baseball shoe. This is a low-top turf measure from the arch. The customers have loved the full range of color collections in this model.

The bad part about this turf is not waterproof, and the fabric is not synthetic. But that is not a concerning issue at all if you think about the durability of the cleat and the gorgeous look of 4040v5 turf. And this is lightweight, which helps the players to boost up their running speed.

11. Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Mid Rm Baseball Cleat

best baseball cleatsUnder Armour Men’s Leadoff Mid Rm Baseball Cleat is 100% synthetic, and it has a rubber sole that is a unique thing about baseball cleat. The cleat is very lightweight and durable as well. It has many small holes in the toe box portion that provides breathability.

Toe cap has been added for extra protection. The heel part, along with a padded collar, has been made that it can fit perfectly and can provide additional comfort. EVA midsole offers support and cushioning creates equal pressure on cleat from underfoot.

Wearing this cleat feels supper comfortable while running in the field as it gives optimal friction and stability in all conditions of the field. Not only these benefits from the cleat, but also the price is comparatively low considered with its benefits.

Buying Guide- What you Need To Consider Before Buying The Best Baseball Cleats For Wide Feet, Speed, Molded and Wide Feet

The first thing we need to ask you before telling you what the basic factors you need to keep in mind are the expensive or cheap cleats you are looking for. If you do not have a concern about money, then Durability arises.

The durability of a Cleat

best baseball cleats for youthThe most important and valuable thing is the durability of a baseball Cleat. We all know that sports shoes should be reliable and durable. Because when a player wears the cleat and starts running in a match, the cleat feels rough pressure in it. As it has to carry the whole load and weight of your body. It has a higher chance of tore apart at any time.

If it happens while you play in the field, then it would be the worst thing that you can not imagine. Why does everyone not become a successful baseball player? There are some significant factors you need to know, and the durability of the cleat is one of then. The good cleat has a direct positive impact on a baseball player’s performance.

If you buy a cleat without knowing about it very well, then there is a massive chance that it can be an accident. There are some worst injuries in the ping pong game. We have talked about that in our other article in ping pong reviews. So if you are interested in knowing about that, you can go through there and read.

Ping Pong has other accessories that need to be durable as well, like tables, balls, paddles, machines, and other things too. It’s about anything you use in your personal to professional life as well need to be durable enough that can serve you for a long time.


Budget is another valuable issue to consider before buying the best baseball cleats.  Parents often disallow to buy expensive baseball cleats for their boys or girls as their feet are fast-growing. The reason behind this is undeniable and precise. If you can not go for a higher-priced product, then you should be on your limit. But there are a lot of brands offering very valuable cleats for their customers at a little cost.

So you need to read some reviews from the experts, and according to their suggestions, you will find a worth baseball cleat in your budget.

Let’s tell a story; a schoolboy wanted to buy a baseball cleat of Under Armour Brand. He liked that cleat very much and watched that cleat every day. But can not buy that cleat because he had no enough money with him at that very moment. He wanted to buy it on his own earning. On the other hand, his school baseball league date was announced. Without getting anyway, he bought another non-branded cleat for that time.

But he was a little genius boy and searched for some cheap cleat with best reviews. He got a nice cleat that he loved it and finished his school baseball league.

So we have reviewed all our products considering price issues with high-quality and reviews.

Good Looking and Great Design

People are often fond of looking for the best looking baseball cleats that look amazing with great design. “The first impression is the best impression” there is a proverb we all know that. So when you buy something, I hope you all pay attention very carefully to the looking of that product first.

Nobody wants to spend a single penny on any product that does not look good. So from that perspective, we can assure you that all of the cleats we have reviewed so far will be the best looking and design product in the market. So if you can put a little bit of trust in us, then we will suggest you buy any of our reviewed products without any hesitation.

Comfort and Support

best baseball cleats for youthWearing a baseball cleat can be annoying and disgusting if it is not comfortable and does not provide support while you play in the field. Comfort and support are the most needed thing of a baseball cleat.

Because we know that baseball is a tough game with a lot of mental and physical tension, especially when a player runs in the field, it creates massive pressure on the cleat. Most often, it damages if it is not a high-quality baseball cleat.

An essential thing is ankle and toe support when we talk about the overall comfort of a baseball cleat. If the cleat is not made for safety, then there must be some risk of ankle and toe injury wearing that particular cleats. Adjustment of the sole with a synthetic layer provides the best support of the ankle. Apart from that, the toe box is another support that some brand offers in their cleats.

  • High-top ensure the best safety of the ankle
  • Low-top is basically for speed seekers
  • Mid-top is best for stability and ankle support as well

Comfortable baseball cleats provide a long time experience of a good game, and the support ensures the safety of ankle and toe injury. So before buying baseball cleats for youth, everyone must keep in mind these two things mainly.


Based on cleats, built material durability and comfort vary.  The synthetic or natural leather is the best material for a cleat, but it is costly with advantages and disadvantages as well. Synthetic leather is more comfortable and provides breathability compared with others.

If you want to test every type of product, then you will decide which one to take, you are good to go. But if you are a comfort lover and you need extra support, then you should go for synthetic material’s product.

Types of Cleats

We expect you have already known about durability, budget, looking and design, comfort and support, and materials, now you are good to go for types of cleats that you need to know about. Some league does not support cleats that contain metal. So it would be a comprehensive option to know before buying a cleat.

There are three types of cleats in the market, turf shoes are one of them, another example is plastic molded, and another one is metal cleats.

  • Metal cleats can be very useful to stop you in no time though you were in full run. They provide the best stability among all the cleats without any doubt. Sometimes there is some risk as well while you use it in the cement. Because it can lose its spike very quickly there, or a small mistake of turning your direction can twist your ankle. In that case, you should carry an extra pair of shoes for your help.
  • Plastic molded cleats are the most flexible cleats among all. It can be challenging to grip in all the places, but the grass and mud field will be perfect for this cleats. Fortunately, you will cost less than the metal cleats for this and can use it for such a long time.
  • Turfs are optional cleats for everyone who plays baseball professionally. But it is the best option to use it for your practice match so that you will pass your practice session without damaging your match cleats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do kids need quality cleats?

If you are parents and looking for the best baseball cleats for your kid, then first you need to think about his/her safety. Because there is a possibility, your kids can harm themselves during the game as a result of using low-quality cleats. And we firmly believe that you never want that for them.

By any chance, they need to be safe for their future, and as a parent, you will make sure that we know. Never compromise with the quality rather than quantity. Not only for safety but also for the better performance you should choose quality cleats for your kids.

What are the best brands for baseball cleats?

There is a lot of baseball cleats brand in the market, but all of them are not as good as you desire. So we have tried our level best to find out the best brands in the market right now. We have selected the brands based on pressing issues that fulfill the user’s desire.

We have talked with the professional players and take reviews from them. And we have asked some questions to them like are they bias of them or not? They are not biased at all; we enquire about them later.

So considering all these issues, we have found Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, and New Balance are the best brands for baseball cleats without any hesitation. We hope you will fall in love with these brands if you use a cleat from any brand of them.

Which cleats are best for baseball?

To be honest, it depends based on the position you play in the field. For the catcher and the pitcher, the best option is high-top and mid-top cleats. They ensure extra support, as well. On the other hand, you can go for the rest, and if you want to run at maximum speed, then you should go for a low-top.

To sum up

It is not a piece of cake for all of you to find the best baseball cleats all the time. So we have tried to help you by reviewing the best cleats for you in 2020, and we hope you will get the best cleats if you take any of these we have discussed above.

We know all of you desire different, and your focuses on selecting the cleats are not the same as well. So we have considered all those issues and explained all of the detail. So we are hoping the best of luck for you and your gaming experience with this helpful article.

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