Joola Inside Ping Pong Table Review You Need To Know

JOOLA Inside Ping Pong Table Review

Joola Inside ping pong table


The JOOLA Inside 15mm Ping Pong Table is with 5/8 inch surface top which is made up of wood composite, legs are built from 1.5 inches steel diameter and the well-built undercarriage prevent the rust.

This is a cheap indoor ping pong table basically designed for the recreation seekers, but it is an amazing table at the same time for beginners and the intermediate players.

A competition level table is going to cost around $1500+. Whereas The JOOLA Inside ping pong table is around $400, which is very low in comparison with the competition level table. But at this price, you are getting a very good alternative ping pong table if you buy it for your family recreation or for spending a great time with your colleagues.

What can be the other good option in this range? We have talked about that in our very popular article The Best Ping Pong TableYou can read that article to remove your confusion about what would be the best ping pong table. That will surely help you to decide that.

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Surface Thickness

While the perfect thickness of a ping pong table starts from 19mm, in this case, the JOOLA Inside is only 15mm. So this is not regulation size for the perfect ping pong table. another important thing, it is not approved for the competition play. But the table is the best for the low budget under $500 in comparison with other tables in this range.

As the table surface top is not perfect regulation size, so the perfect ball bounce is not expected from the table. But it’s ball bounce in its best compared with the level tables of it not comparing with the tournament level. As the main purpose of the table is the recreation of the family members or colleagues. Besides that, it is very much appreciated by the beginners and the intermediate players.

Apart from that, it is one of the best selling ping pong tables of Amazon


Assembling a ping pong table is always challenging. But for the JOOLA Inside table, it is very easy and it just takes around 20 minutes which is much fair compared with other tables. Though the tabletop is not enough as like tournament play table, it is very consistent during the gameplay.

The table is separated into two halves in the middle. It helps the single-player to play alone in the practice mode. Each half has four wheels which help the table for the compact storage and provide the opportunity to move the table from one place to another. The locking system of the wheels provides durability during the playing time.

Another facility the table provides is the multiple uses of the separated halves of the table. One can easily use the table halves in other works. But that is not recommended.

In the Joola Inside ping pong table, a net set is included. Whenever they provide a net set, they make sure a great quality product.

The undercarriage is very strong in build quality that provides the strength and the durability of the table. The shipping weight of the JOOLA inside ping pong table is approximately 196 pounds.

Brand Value

In the ping pong table market, JOOLA is a very popular name. You can not find a single person who did not hear about JOOLA If he has any knowledge in the table tennis or ping pong field. JOOLA is producing ping pong tables and the rackets for so long. So it is said that they are the experienced marketer who has a lot of knowledge in the related field. Which made them a very famous brand in the market.

You will get the idea of why they are a well-known brand in the market. Because they know very well how to satisfy the customer’s needs. Like other popular long term company, they maintain the return policy if any customer complaints about their product. Though there is less probability of having a problem in their product. If it occurs anyhow they will get you back.

Low Assembly Time

Assembling a ping pong time is always a lot more difficult and time-consuming. in some cases, it could be the most irritating thing to fix the ping pong table as they need 3-4 labors adjusting for more than 2 hours. But we have never heard that JOOLA Inside table users complaints about the assembling. In most of the cases, the table is pre-assembled and the rest of the part takes not more than 20 minutes.

Clamping Net Set

One of the easiest things in the JOOLA Inside table is clamping the net set. Though some people might not happy with the net set, most of them have reviewed the positive side of that. The net is the cheapest thing on the table.

Why The Table Might Not Perfect For You?

All the things are not perfect for all. For instance, if you are a professional ping pong player Joola Inside table is not for you. The main reason is the ball bounce. The ball bounce is not like regulation type table. So for the professional player, they should go for the regulation type ping pong table. Which we have talked about in our article The Best Ping Pong Table

On the other hand, for the recreation seeker and the beginner of ping pong game, this is the perfect choice with all the facilities and the low cost.

Other Table Like JOOLA Inside

Joola Inside table is an amazing table in a low budget. But if you add extra money for your ping pong table to buy. You will get an advanced ping pong table for sure. The Joola Nova DX and Stiga Advantage would be a cool option in this case. Both of them you will get under $600 and are very popular in the market. Except that there is


  • Partly pre-assembled and takes around 20 minutes for fully assembled
  • Separated halves for multi-use
  • Steel legs with leveler
  • Wheel locking system for durability during the play mode
  • Includes net set
  • Shipping weight around 196 pounds
  • Playback mode
  • protector in the corner included
  • warranty of 1 year


  • The tabletop is not regulation size
  • Balls and Paddles are not included
  • Delivery can be challenging
a lot of ping pong table that can fulfill your needs.


Considering all the features of the JOOLA Inside ping pong table, it could be the best option in the low budget. If you want to buy a table for your kids or recreation, do not hesitate to grab your table.

From the reviews, we can say this table will not disappoint you. You will get the best playing experience and can take your playing skills to the next level.