Joola Rally TL Professional Grade Table Review 2023 You Will Love to See

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Joola Rally TL Professional Grade Table is the top most popular table in the market for ping pong. Among the most popular games in the world, ping pong is one of them. Every game has health benefits of its own, and ping pong is not out of them.

The game has a different purpose for different kinds of people. Some people go for a career, and others go for recreation as they want to spend quality time with their family members and colleagues as well.

joola rally tl professional grade table
Joola Rally TL Professional Grade Table

The advanced players, who want to take part in the ping pong competition, and the beginners who wish to be licensed, need to practice a lot and need to invest in the ping pong equipment.

So the ping pong table is the most important thing for the game.

Importantly there will be a lot more different brands of it. The Joola Rally TL 300 professional grade is the most popular in the market based on its amazing features and low price.

They are produced by Joola, which is the most familiar brand in the market and leading the ping pong market over the decade.

They are the proud sponsor of USATT, US Open, and US National championships. The fantastic features of this table will make sure to increase your performance in game playing.

The Joola Rally TL is one of the cheapest tables that does not make a settlement with the features. In this very article, we will cover all the critical elements of the JOOLA Rally TL professional grade ping pong table.

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Features of JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade Table


The JOOLA Rally TL 300 professional grade ping pong table is unique with its 9*5 feet size and with weight of around 155 pounds. Unlike some other JOOLA tables, it also has a table separation system that can be used for multi-purpose if you want.

To carry the table quickly, it has four legs in each of the parts. The most significant benefit of the separation mode is the playback mode. It does not matter you are alone; still, you can play the game. You just need to fold a part of the table and start practicing.

The table weight plays a significant role in the playing mode. The safety locking system protects the table from unwanted falling.

If the table falls or slips during the game-play, it could be significant damage to the table. Another critical role is played by the legs of the table.

The legs of the table provide the leading sustainability of the table. And the levelers of the legs adjust the surface level of the table during the game.

Overall saying, Joola has not compromised with the table design. They have made sure the needs of the table to bring the best performance of the table.


Unlike other parts, Joola has concentrated on the undercarriage of the JOOLA Rally TL professional-grade table. Because the steel-made legs raped with powder cover provides the durability, and the strength of the game and the protection protect from the rust.

On heavy tables, legs should be strong enough to maintain the balance of the table. So the Joola rally tl professional-grade table provides.

Playback Mode and Compact Storage

Best Ping Pong Table

Whenever you think about the ping pong table storage, First of all, a vast space comes to mind.

But Jolla Rally TL will solve all your problems when you see the compact storage system of the table.

Because of its separate halves and the wheels on each part, you can store the table in a short space in the corner of your room or garage.

Even it won’t need multiple people to carry the table as it has wheels.

If you are alone, but you want to play ping pong, there is no problem with that.

Because it has the playback feature that allows you to play alone, you might be thinking about how the separated parts can be so substantial as a simple table.

The exciting thing is, after adjusting the parts and setting the net, it will surprise you. Because it looks like a single table and more organized.

The wheels are made of elastic that makes sure no marks or scratches on the floor at the time of moving the table.

Ball Holders and Net Set

Ball Holders
Ball Holders

A fantastic feature of the JOOLA Rally TL professional-grade table is the ball holder. It gives you less pain in keeping the balls. In some cases, you can lose the balls, or you might forget where you keep them.

So Joola has made you work very efficiently by continuing the ball holders. It is in the right position under the table where you can reach comfortably.

The net posts are effortless to clamp in the Jolla professional grade ping pong table. The electric scorer helps the player count the points. This feature is so advanced compared with other tables in the market at this low price table.


Assembling of JOOLA Rally TL 300 professional grade is much easier than any other ping pong table. It is 95% pre-assembled.

After opening the box, it will take a maximum of closely 20 minutes. All you need to settle down the legs and screws them and clamp the net set properly, then you are ready to play.


  • Foldable table halves help in storage
  • 15mm surface top provides a smooth playing experience
  • net set included
  • Quite easy to assemble as 95% pre-assembled
  • Playback mode
  • safety locking


  • Weight is pretty high
  • Paddles and Balls are not included


Are Paddles included with the table?

No, it does not contain a paddle with the table. Usually, there are very few tables from the market that offer rackets with them.

However, we often see the manufacturer of the table offers balls instead of paddles most of the time with tables.

Is there any possibility of damage if the temperature isn’t in control in the garage

No, Because the build quality of this table ensures no need to worry about that. Joola Rally 300 table is made from MDF, which is a premium quality material for high-quality ping pong tables.

If the build quality of a ping pong table becomes low, its surface can wrap up by the temperature.

What is the wheel size of Joola Rally TL 300?

The wheel’s diameter is 3 inches. Three inches wheels are the most effective element of this table. A single person can move the table quickly with the help of wheels. Though it moves, its locking mechanism helps to stay the table stable during the game.

What are the dimensions of the Joola table when stored?

The Joola table is a compact, foldable table that can be stored in the case it came with. The dimensions of the folded up Joola are as follows: Length 37 inches, Width 25 inches, and Height 12.5 inches.

When unfolded the length is 62 inches long by 29 inches wide for playing cards or board games.

What is the surface element of the table?

The surface top is made by the MDF(medium-density fiberboard). It is a useful element for tabletop. It can offer correct and smooth ball bounce, which helps the beginner to learn control over the game.

Because of it, experts can practice extra trick shots properly that making them stronger than ever.

Is Joola a good brand?

Is Joola a good brand
Joola Ping Pong Table

Joola is a sporting goods company that specializes in table tennis. It was founded by Jørgen Poulsen in 1952 and has been making table tennis equipment ever since.

Joola sponsors many players, including some of the best female players such as Li Jiawei (China) and Ai Fukuhara (Japan).

The company also sponsors events like the World Table Tennis Championships for both men and women, which are held every year.

Joola is considered one of the best brands out there because they make high-quality products at affordable prices.

They provide an excellent product to customers who want to play competitively or casually without spending too much money on their items upfront.

Not only do they offer low prices but they also offer discounts and special offers to customers who want to stick around for more than just one purchase.

However, some people think that Joola is not a good brand at all. Some say that their products break easily or that they don’t last very long even if you take care of them well.

One customer said: “I love the playability of Joola’s paddles, but I’m not a fan of their quality. They don’t last as long as other brands and will sometimes break on me during games.”

Still, some others think that Joola is worth the buy no matter what reviews you may hear.

One person had this to say: “I love my Joola paddle! I’ve had it for years and it’s still in great shape even though I play all the time. This is worth putting money into.”

It is up to you whether you want to buy Joola products after reading this article. It may be a good brand, but it also might not be worth your money.

Where are Joola tables made?

Joola has been making ping pong and table tennis tables for over 50 years and is currently headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. As of 2023, they have offices in Asia and North America where they continue to make high-quality sports equipment like ping pong tables.

What is a My First impression of the Joola Rally TL table?

The JOOLA Rally TL Table Tennis Table is the perfect solution for home use. This 40″ x 60″ table tennis table features an aluminum undercarriage.

So it can fold up and be stored in small spaces when not in use. It also comes with two paddles, two balls, and has a 1-year warranty.

The best part of this product may just be its price: at just over $200 including shipping costs, you’re getting a high-quality table tennis table that won’t break the bank!

The Joola Rally TL Table Tennis table is manufactured in Germany. It has an aluminum construction so it can fold up for storage when not in use.

As with any product, there are some things you might want to be aware of before buying the Joola Rally TL table.

The best way to get over these is to simply read reviews from other customers who were happy with their purchase or unhappy and explain why they weren’t happy.

This gives you an idea of what the good and bad points are, allowing you to make a decision on whether this is the right table for your needs.

Final Words

To sum up, it is effortless to say the JOOLA Rally Tl Professional Grade table is a top-level table in the market in this budget.

As JOOLA is a very well-established brand in the market, they do not consider the product quality. Considering all the features of the table, we recommend you to buy the table if you are a beginner at the game.

Not only the beginners but also the intermediate players can go for it. As the price of this table is not high, so the recreation lover will love it. Because the table is impressive, and it will provide you with a superior game experience.