13 Best Ping Pong Machine Reviews 2023 – Top Choice

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Have you fixed your mind to buy the best ping pong machine? Wait for a minute, go through this article which has explained what are the best ping pong machines in the market in 2023 and why they are best.

Based on different things like features, stability, product quality, ball delivery speed, ball holding capacity, electric or non-electric I have reviewed the robots for your best suit. what do you understand by best table tennis machine?

Well, you don’t need to think about that we will tell you all the things you regarding the ping pong robots throughout this article and you will learn how to be better by practicing alone with these robots.

Now, a ping pong machine or robot is such a thing by which you can play alone to develop your playing skills to the next level because the releasing of the ball from the robot is much faster than a human.

So if you can master this technique in the right way, you will learn this game very quickly.

The top 13 best ping pong machine reviews – you can buy any of them

13. iPong Pro Ping Pong Training Robot

Best Ping Pong Robot

The ping pong lover who is planning to buy a ping pong machine or robot but doesn’t have a big budget can buy this iPong Pro model. It is less costly in comparison with other machine models.

It costs half of the price of other robots. The green shining color of the plastic case is different from the ball color. So you can easily track your ball carefully, and you can focus on your game.

The case is strong enough that it won’t get damaged quickly when balls get in it during the practice.

During the practice session, it helps play all types of spin shots like forehand and backhand. Playing with the robot, you can identify which shot will be suitable to play when you play the real game in the competition.

It is tough to lose the iPong ping pong machine in the game if you maximize its performance. iPong robot is adjustable; however, you want to release the ball in a minute from 12 to 70 balls.

Assembling is very easy and perfects those who are in a hurry to start the game. It takes around 60 minutes to set on the table and set the battery of six AA and select the mode you want to play.

Most of the necessary accessories come along with the robot. Most importantly, there is a remote that can be controlled, and the remote is wired. The instruction is also provided that you can set that up on your own very easily.

12. iPong Topspin Ping Pong Trainer Robot

Best Ping Pong Machine

Topspin is another awesome ping pong machine from the iPong that provides feelings like the most brilliant player on the ground.

Unlike other ping pong machines, this model is also a classic model, and the features are more or less better considering the quality of the plastic case.

The manufacturer has so many products, among them it has some very new features that will blow your gaming experience because it has the best-controlling features now.

It will help you to make you warm in the practice session before the next competitive match.

On the other hand, you can practice improving your skills whenever you want as it has the best-controlling mode.

Others like this robot’s unique color of funky purple. It is identical during the game as it is different from the ping pong ball color.

The beneficial side of this machine it has a remote for controlling the ball speed and the spin. The remote is attached to the back of the robot, and the wire is long enough that it can reach you from the opposite side of the ping pong table.

For a ping pong machine, the most important thing is the capacity to hold the maximum number of balls in the bucket and the maximum frequency of throwing the ball in a minute.

So, in this case, you get the best help to become the perfect table tennis player.

11. JOOLA iPong V300 Ping Pong Robot

Joola ipong V300 ping pong robot

This special Joola iPong model of ping pong machine is very effective in learning the unique serves, and it will behave like a professional player who is playing against you.

Even this one is much effective when you want to practice alone and no one near you. It takes our nod as the best ping pong machine so that it can improvise your swing.

There is new software for the beginner to upgrade software performance.

You can make a couple of changes, and you can prepare the machine very quickly as there is a digital display and the remote, which is wireless.

The remote works to maintain or make changes in the device and the screen provides you the opportunity to show the alternatives you have made: the strength or the speed of the machine you can handle.

The best opportunity you can get from this robot is the spin ball-like backspin and the topspin shot you can play and learn how to control it in a real-time game.

The machine will provide you with the comfort zone to take your skill to the next level. The improvised features of the best ping pong machine will scale up your experience to play against a real player in the competition.

The capacity to hold the balls in the case is 100 and the maximum of 70 and the lowest of 30 balls frequency per minute to release the balls.

If anyone wants to be the most skilled player in the game, then this ping pong machine is for you. Definitely, it will let you gain experience more than other machines.

10. iPong Expert Ping Pong Robot

iPong Expert Ping Pong Robot

This ping pong machine will take your gaming skill to the next level, and from that perspective, it is the best ping pong machine in this budget though some of the other models are relatively similar to this model from this manufacturer.

But this robot is premium in looking and performance as well. The case is transparent, and you can see how many balls are in there from the outside view.

So you can enjoy the show how the machine takes the ball to throw them out towards you with the speed and the spin.

This would be an excellent experience compared with other robots.

Among similar types of ping pong machines, it will cost you less, in the meantime, you will get better performance on your budget.

On the other hand, it uses the AA battery to run, and indeed you have it in your home, and you can save a better portion of your money as well. You can quickly get a long period of playing time with that battery.

Whenever you turn on the switch of the robot, which is located in the front end, it throws the balls towards you, and you just start paying from that direction very comfortably.

The accessories of the robot, such as a standard size ball along with stands, and the targets come from iPong.

The size is smaller, and the weight is very light so that you can set this up outside of your house as well. In less than a minute, it throws a ball and hols up to 25 balls.

9. CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Robot

CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine

Selecting the best ping pong machine might play a key role in improving gaming skills.

Considering that issue, this model of ping pong robot can be the best option as there are many spin options in this particular model.

Around 36 spin options, you get from the machine when it releases the ball, whereas others only release the ball throughout the direction of you.

This might be the most effective practice before playing against the opponent. 

This robot is a bit larger than other robots, but it perfectly fits with the ping pong table, whatever you use.

It takes less time to assemble which will help you to start a quick game in less than a minute—different language options like English and Chinese help the players to control the robot straightforwardly. 

Perfect robot to practice with your family and friends along with other players if they want, and you will get a lot of fun playing with this robot because this special one has a huge container to hold the balls around 100 pieces.

There is a button on the top of that machine, which helps you to choose the spin you want to play with.

The maximum frequency is 70 balls in a minute, like other robots. But the special thing is the ball speed of 40 mph. Practicing this kind of speed with spin will improve your gaming so fast, and you will feel special after obtaining that skill.

8. iPong Original Ping Pong Trainer Robot

iPong Original Ping Pong Trainer Robot

We always love to recommend the best products on the market. So does this model as well. Because this model is fundamental, and they call it the Joola buddy.

This one would be great for the players to work for very basic from the very beginning with the spin along with the form, then this model is perfect for you.

For being straightforward, it has enormous advantages, it is very easy to set this up, and before starting the session, you can adjust the power, can control by the remote, set frequency, and others.

After taking it out from the box, you can start playing within a couple of minutes because it does not need any tool and the power AC power backup. 

Along with advantages, there are disadvantages reports too of misfiring the ball that does not touch the table sometimes. Also, there is no refilling system of the ball when the case becomes empty once.

Before start practicing, you need to collect all the balls to fill the hopper again.

This robot will save you money that will be the cost-effective budget for buying a nice pair of ping pong paddles from that money.

7. Killerspin Throw 2 Ping Pong Machine

Best Ping Pong Robot

Killerspin was not involved in preparing the ping pong machine before. So it would be the new brand best ping pong machine.

There is a reason for saying that best. Because you know, when a brand appears in a market with their products, they never compromise with the quality.

So This model from the Killerspin will be the best helping hand in your practice session for sure.

The Killerspin throw 2 is a bit expensive compared with the iPong original, but the full feature of this robot is a door opening sign for the brand. 

A player gets everything depending on their needs from this robot, including fixed and random mode.

The outstanding invention of the wireless remote made this machine unique in this industry. So using this particular feature, you will fall in love with that. So undoubtedly you can say it is one of the best ping pong equipment.

Some users claim that hopper jamming happened often. So it is a drawback of this machine. Another thing, can not create a spin of combination, which is a huge required part in this price range.

Although all these happen with the Throw 2, at the back end, it is a good one in the ping pong robot sector to scale up your skill, especially practicing with the spin balls.

6. Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Table Tennis Robot

Ping Pong Machine Review

Right after Smartpong, one Newgy Robo ping pong machine is our choice. This is a special one for the intermediate player along with the advanced.

Because the Robo Pong 2050 model provides the opportunity to combine with personal computers, which makes it better like a professional robot.

The particular model of Robo pong provides a setup tour of the spins and the shots with the interface of digital management, which can be used without the hassle and can be set it up very quickly.

There is a PC mode that helps to organize the programs and can custom things to handle it very well.

To waste less time, the double reprocessing net process has been used to make sure the ball can be reloaded in the hooper more efficiently and in less time. 

The Robo-pong 2050 has a PS2 connection with the PC as an alternative to a USB connection, which is being used mostly in the tech world, so there is a huge possibility not to connect with many PCs.

For this reason, a couple of users have reported against this ping pong machine.

5. SmartPong Ping Pong Machine

Ping Pong machine Review

The most quality full products cost more we all know that. So this Smartpong ping pong machine will be expensive, but the quality and the services you are going to get from this robot will be worth your money for sure.

Though this is the most expensive robot Smartpong provides every facility you need to get from the best ping pong machine. 

So when you get the best ping pong machine, you also need the best equipment with this robot-like the best ping pong paddles, which will help you to do a perfect practice along with the best ping pong balls

Now most importantly, we can say the ability of Smartpong to offer four is not the same as another preference of assembling, location, and the spin.

So it is quite perfect for the pro-level player through the beginners to learn the techniques that come from the Smartpong 2050 ping pong robot—less possibility to break this robot because of the only one cord of power.

When the parts need to be exchanged, it is elementary to do that because the parts come with spare pieces that can swap in a relaxed manner. 

As you are going to get the extra abilities from the machine, then you must consider the expense of this model too. The basic negativity is remote is not perfect, like other robots in this price range.

Sometimes the controlling of the basic shots can mislead. If you don’t give attention to these useless things, you are going to get the advantages of this machine, which will make you a pro version of a ping pong player.

4. Butterfly Amicus Advance Ping Pong Robot

Ping Pong Robot Review

Butterfly Amicus Advance is such a robot that is used by pro-level players, especially club player. We can say they are more than professional as it is their profession and their passion.

So using this machine can be defined as the most effective and serious matter. The great features of this robot will take your skills to the next level.

This very model has an exceptional ability to change every mode before a separate shot in the full program.

And it has ten different alternatives in speed along with spin and shot. It can set a breakpoint before a ball release as well.

The machine establishes a long-time practice session from the pre-defined control by the user. It can be upgraded by swapping the maintain channel if needed.

Two different things make distinguishable features. One of them is the price tag, and the other one is without the pro-level player; it can not be suggested.

So a more effective way to use this Butterfly Amicus Advance ping pong robot is picked by professional players.

3. Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Ping Pong Machine

Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Ping Pong Machine

Now we are going to talk about the Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro, which is one of the most wanted machines that attract players by the interface in the very first look that can help a human player more than ever another player does.

This machine is different from the other robots. Because it has wheels for standing on the floor rather than clipping the machine on the side of the ping pong table.

The robot is very durable rather than others and widely used in the clubs as they need to set it from one table to another. So it is being used and more preferable by the club members and the owners.

The highlighted portion of this machine is the display, which is a touchscreen, and it has the option of showing the spin signal.

As we know, touchscreen display is more comfortable to use in setting any kind of operation and setting programs.

So it helps to put the best option as you like to use from the 30 existing applications from the system in the robot.

Besides the handleable program, the spin sign on display is way better as it helps the player to understand what spin is coming through him. He can prepare himself to notice that sign before. 

Being expensive is not a big issue. Along with the price, H2W has other issues as well. This is out of the bound for the midpoint player needs.

In the meantime, this is the perfect option to buy for any ping pong club and for the coaches who have investors from their back.

2. Y & T V-988 Ping Pong Machine

Best Ping Pong Robot

Y & T V-988 is one of the best professional ping pong machines from every perspective rather than thinking for an individual player or user.

However, it is a powerful built-in and moveable robot with less price tag compared with the H2W robot.

It provides a smooth and clean shot compared with other robots in the market though it can not be scheduled like others.

The amateurs will get huge benefits from this robot if they choose it because it will provide all the necessary things like a human partner in the game.

Whereas other machines in the market can put you downward, it will not let you down for an extended period as a partner and will be steady till you reach your goal.

When a person is highly dedicated to bringing his skills to the top at any cost. We recommend buying this robot;

Otherwise, it is only recommended for the club where they will find a playing partner that is not human but more than human in work with consideration.

1. Newgy Robo-Pong 1050 Ping Pong Robot

Newgy Robo-Pong 1050 Ping Pong Robot

We always keep a balance in features and the prices in our reviews. From that perspective, we can say now about one of our top choices is the Newgy Robo-Pong 1050 Ping Pong Machine.

We have talked about Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 earlier, this one considers as the younger brother of that giant 2050 has less cost and powerful support too. 

Though people love to go for the digital controls, its analog system is much happier in this price tag along with vast control access.

You can maintain all the features like other analog robots, but this one is way better in control, we must say. You can set the frequency and add the spin in the balls releasing immediately. 

Six different shot options you can set in this machine which is more than a better choice than other analog robots. You can acquire knowledge of sending the ball back to the opposition, observing the ball coming towards you. 

Among ping pong shots, it will let you play the combination spin shots besides topspin and backspin. When you don’t want to face the topspin, you can change the mode to the backspin or the mixed(combination) spin individually.

Assembly is faster than a race for this robot. Just clip the machine in any corner of the ping pong table, and you can hit the ball with the paddle with your hand. The ball will come back to your side if the robot is switched on. 

Nothing is perfect in this world, so it has some issues which are not dominant in play. Some of the users say the power cord is not long enough, and the surface is way higher than the other robots. But honestly saying that can not impact negatively your playing.

Why do people buy a ping pong machine? The answer is to master the game. They want to take them to the professional level, and the robots are the best friends for that.

As they have so many options to deliver their ball from the hoopers with many variations.

So we will recommend you to buy this machine without any hesitation as it fulfills the basic requirements of improving your skills along with a low price tag.

Buyers Guide- How to choose the best ping pong machine/robot

Level of play

First of all, you have to ask yourself how you play? What do you need to fulfill your satisfaction in playing the game? Before buying the best ping pong machine, just ask yourself what is your requirement to improve your gaming skills.

If you are a skilled player, then you must select a machine that will match your level of playing. On the other hand, if you want to buy the ping pong robot to improve your skills or for recreation of your own or your family, you should go for a robot that best fits your skills.


If someone wants to be a professional ping pong player, he should practice a lot on his own. Ping pong robot makes it easy to play alone; the ping pong robot is the perfect solution for that person.

Apart from that, many persons or clubs can use this machine, or individuals can use this as well. It is attached to the end of the table. Some are free from the table that can stand freely on the ground.

The free ping pong machine can move and play with the human player. But it takes less space for storage.


Ping pong machine is different in features in many ways based on your practice requirements and will play a significant role in your buying.

The main factor can be the ball releasing ability of the robot, refilling the ball automatically, and the capacity of the hopper as well.

How many facilities you want from the machine, it’s up to you.

But if you go deep, then you have to spend a little bit more money than usually costs you. You will get benefited from that, though.

The better facility you want to grab from the robot, the more you have to spend on that case. In the meantime, it will increase your effectiveness undoubtedly.

So we always recommend going for the best thing that will make you perfect in every place. 


To sum up, another factor is how much you want to spend on a ping pong robot on your preference. There are huge differences in the price of the robots from 50$ to 1000$+ based on features, durability, and other important factors.

If you consider this as your investment in your game of ping pong and you determine how you can get the worth from the best ping pong machine, you would like to purchase. That would be the best plan, and you will certainly get the best output.

Related Question About Best Ping Pong Ball Machine

What does a ping pong robot do?

A ping-pong robot is a machine that fires ping-pong balls from one end of the table to the other, allowing a player to practice their game alone. A ping-pong robot can load and fire ping-pong balls.

It helps players to improve their gaming skills by practicing alone. Apart from that, it helps you to play when you don’t have a partner or friends to play table tennis with you.

Are ping pong robots worth it?

Ping pong robots can be a valuable investment for players who want to improve their skills, increase their accuracy, and practice their game on their own time. Here are some reasons why ping pong robots can be worth the investment:

  1. Consistent Practice: A ping pong robot can provide consistent practice opportunities, allowing players to practice their skills on their own time and at their own pace. This is particularly useful for players who don’t have a regular practice partner or who want to work on specific areas of their game.
  2. Variety of Drills: Ping pong robots can be programmed to provide a wide range of drills and exercises, including serving, forehand and backhand shots, and top spin and backspin shots. This allows players to work on specific areas of their game and develop their skills in a controlled and consistent environment.
  3. Customization: Many ping pong robots come with customizable settings, allowing players to adjust the speed, spin, and trajectory of the ball to suit their individual needs and preferences.
  4. Convenience: A ping pong robot can be used at home or in a small practice space, making it a convenient option for players who don’t have access to a full-size table or who want to practice on their own time.

However, ping pong robots can be expensive, and they may not be suitable for all players or skill levels. It’s important to consider your own goals and needs before investing in a ping pong robot to ensure that it’s a worthwhile investment for your game.

What are the disadvantages of wheeled robots?

While wheeled robots can be useful in certain situations, there are some disadvantages to using this type of robot:

  1. Limited Mobility: Wheeled robots are limited in their ability to navigate over rough terrain or uneven surfaces. They may get stuck or have difficulty moving over obstacles.
  2. Limited Maneuverability: Wheeled robots may have difficulty making sharp turns or navigating tight spaces, which can limit their usefulness in certain environments.
  3. Maintenance: Wheeled robots require regular maintenance, including cleaning and replacing worn or damaged wheels. This can be time-consuming and expensive.
  4. Noise: Wheeled robots can be noisy, particularly on hard surfaces. This can be a problem in quiet environments or when trying to communicate with others nearby.
  5. Power Requirements: Wheeled robots require a power source, which can limit their mobility and usefulness in remote or off-grid locations.

Overall, while wheeled robots can be effective in certain situations, they may not be the best choice for all applications, particularly in challenging or unpredictable environments.


There are a lot of different ping pong machines on the market today. But, there are also a few different types of ping pong machines you should be aware of.

You can find ping pong machines that are portable, and you can also find ping pong machines that are stationary. 

I hope you have got your preferred air hockey table after reading the whole article. If you think you need to know other things regarding the best air hockey table then comment below and I will come back to you for answering that.

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