15 Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews 2023 – Winner’s Choice

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If you are in search of the best ping pong paddle out there which will meet your game requirements. What are the basic things that are considered for the top ping pong rackets?

Here you will get an indebt understanding of all that needs to be done to achieve the best paddle for your level and playing style.

In this analysis, I will try to provide each and every spec of the paddles that I am going to review here. After reading this analysis, you will be able to decide which paddle is perfect for you.

Let’s jump into the next section.

What is ping pong?

best ping pong paddle
Ping Pong Paddle

Just in case you are new to all things ping pong then, we will help you out. Ping-pong is a sport with players of two or four.

Also known popularly as Table-Tennis, it is played on a net divide board with players using a racket to hit a ball to and fro.

It is a fast-paced game with the winning aim of hitting the ball fast enough that your competitor(s) misses his, her, or their opportunity of hitting back.

A game where players need to adjust to their opponents’ gameplay, it is a worldwide organization, beginning in the 1920s, it has become an official game played by both males and females competitively and recreationally.

As an indoor game ping pong is played using a ball of 40millimeters in diameter, an indoor or outdoor table of 9ft long, and a paddle is otherwise known as a racket or bat made of single or dual side rubber protected laminated wood.

There are also many strokes(hits on the ball), grips ( hold on bats) that make up the ping pong game.

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Just as promised, we will give you a list of some of the most used ping pong bats available in the market with their specifications, pros, cons, and links to amazon purchase pages.

1. STIGA PRO CARBON- Best Ping Pong Racket for Intermediate

Best Ping Pong Paddle
Stiga Pro Carbon

What Stiga Pro Carbon offers in its price tag is elegant because of its high-quality build process. It offers high-end materials in it, though at a low price. There are two Carbon fiber piles, the manufacturer used in the racket, which has a 7-ply blade in total.

It makes the racket more economical weight, and it helps to generate accurate shots at the right place. Pro Carbon produces the most reliable and trustworthy spins.

Some professionals rated it at ten, which implies a great impression in the paddle industry. Apart from that, it provides a speed of 9.9, which is a top-class speed, and this racket is an outstanding option for intermediate-level players.

Compared with caliber rackets, it offers nearly the same quality at a quarter price tag. Only specs a player can feel after a couple of months the rubber becomes weak, and it needs to replace with a new one.


  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket with curved pro handle.
  • It has a 7 – ply extra light blade and a 2mm thick sponge.
  • Its rubber is characterized as  S5Performance Ratings; Speed – 99, Spin – 100, Control – 80
  • Pros
  • The two layers of carbon serve to improve rigidity and response.
  • It absorbs vibrations and transfers energy out of the handle while its ultra-lightweight balsa wood increases speed and reaction time.
  • The Stiga pro carbon generates extreme speed and good spin.
  • Also, the rubber replaced when worn out.


  • Stiga pro carbon is a heavyweight racket,
  • It is difficult to control, and it takes a while to get used to it.
  • Stiga pro carbon is not very suitable for inexperienced players.
  • Its rough handle makes for an uncomfortable grip.
  • The paddle is also more expensive than its counterparts

2. STIGA EVOLUTION- Smart Choice Ping Pong Paddle

Stiga Evolution

One of the premium rackets, among many, is Stiga titan. Our experts have rated it above eight. The value it provides is higher than its competitors; nevertheless, the price is low.

The paddle is suitable for the newbie who is taking his game seriously.

The performance of the paddle often depends on the blade of this racket. Wooden handles are most effective in offering the necessary power to any paddle.

At the lower price range, Stiga Titan offers a wooden handle with a 5-ply. Many users said that the quality of Titan is lower than Stiga’s other rackets as they use Triumph rubber on it. So there may have some questions about durability. 

Despite having some issues, it provides proper control over games. Most of Stiga’s products are reputable, whereas, it does not contain high-quality elements. 


  • It is a Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket,
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 96 Spin: 94 Control: 90
  • Handle: Concave Pro
  • Rubber: Premium
  • Sponge: 2.0 mm
  • Blade: 6-ply Light


  • Stiga Evolution is a Shock dispersion tube.
  • It gives a formidable control.
  • Stiga Evolution has a Decent spin.
  • It is great for defense


  • It is too light for attacking players
  • It has a reduced speed due to its lightweight handle

3. Butterfly Balsa Carbo x5-FL Tenergy 80Fx- Best Advanced Intermediate Ping Pong Paddle

Butterfly Balsa Carbo x5-FL Tenergy 80Fx
Butterfly Balsa Carbon

We know the proverb “quality over quantity.” Yes, people don’t want to ruin their investment in a professional ping pong paddle. It will be more than an investment for many reasons if you buy Butterfly Balsa Carbon paddle as an expert.

First of all, whatever you need in a ping pong paddle, you will certainly get that with extra benefits in this Butterfly paddle.

The whole combination is rare for most of the paddles, but it has quality spin, super controlling, comfortable handling, super-fast power, most durability along with premium rubber.

Blades and rubber are the two most significant things in a ping pong table to get better performance. And you get both premium quality with this paddle.

In the blade, it uses Balsa Carbon X5, and Tenergy FX rubber, which are the best in the market.

Intermediate-advanced player needs this paddle to acquire their goal. It is perfect for smashing with offensive play.

We have talked so many good things about this paddle but never said it is our best choice, why is that? Well, the price of this paddle not only seems it’s actually high. So this amount of money can cut your pocket in a second.


  • Type: offensive, all-round
  • Surface: soft
  • Plies: 5(balsa core + 2 carbon)
  • Weight: 80g
  • Handle: 100x 27mm
  • Head: 159x150mm


  • Butterfly balsa carbon has a high speed and spin
  • It is ideal for the power to play with great spin
  • Balsa carbon has a soft feel and great touch
  • It has a carbon fiber that is full of strength
  • The paddle contains lightwood for a great hitting feel
  • It is quite forgiving for players with imperfect technique
  • Butterfly Balsa Carbon has good control
  • It is good for attacking


  • Its thick handle may require some getting used to
  • The blade is fragile and easily damaged
  • It has low durability and consistency

4. DHS Hurricane II- Best Shakehand Grip Ping Pong Paddle

DHS Hurricane II
DHS Hurricane

One of the most necessary things about quality ping pong paddles is how players grip the paddle. From three different types of grip, the DHS Hurricane II is the perfect paddle for Shakehand grip. Besides, that players can use Asian-style grips too.

DHS Hurricane is a top-rated racket, which has a higher capacity for professional players. As a result, it is an expensive paddle from our previously reviewed some.

Being a China-originated paddle, it has more features for the Asian player’s styles. The paddle gives a higher spin because of its slick rubber on the front part of it.

It has a lower weight than many other paddles, which provides extra comfort over control to the players.

One primary spec you can find about the paddle, its rubber’s tackiness loses quickly. Nevertheless, people who want speed and control in their game choose DHS Hurricane.


  • It has a rubber and wood combo
  • It comes with a carrying case


  • It has a long handle for more comfort
  • The paddle is larger than others


  • It is not suitable for beginners
  • The racket is quite expensive

5. Palio Expert 2- Best Advanced Beginner Ping Pong Paddle

Palio Expert 2
Palio Expert 2

If we consider three stages of advanced into beginner, intermediate, and master, then Palio expert is for beginner-advanced. Maybe it seems awkward, but it’s right from the perspective.

Because when you get super controlling, best speed, and better spin in a paddle, you would certainly pick that without hesitation.

But always there is some exception for few products not to disgrace but to fit with better output. This is one of them.

It has a premium quality rubber, which generates better spin than others out there. Learning spin control is the crucial point of an advanced beginner’s point.

So it can boost your gaming level faster and generously. Not only the spin but also it handles a better quality speed when you smash or return smash.

So in quick attention, it offers a full package for the players. Our expert recommends trying out this paddle often.


  • This is a heavyweight paddle with good durability;
  • It lasts longer than average.
  • Both sides of the paddle fit with Palio CJ8000 rubbers, and its blade is a collaboration between Palio and Expert Table Tennis.
  • The performance ratings are speed – 6/10, spin – 9/10, control – 10/10
  • It also comes with a free case.


  • The Palio Expert 2, when compared to other similar rackets, has a good value for money.
  • It has a comfortable handle, which allows for maximum control and is therefore suitable for beginners.
  • The tackiness of the rubber provides for increased spin.


  • On the downside, its speed is decent at best and hence, it is not very suitable for advanced play.

6. Stiga Supreme- best Lightweight Ping Pong Paddle

Stiga Supreme
Stiga Supreme

A very few intermediate ping pong paddles have lightweight, which is a practical thing in controlling the counter and return spin. This racket is one of less weight with a higher price for those who want to spend money freely.

Supreme is a perfect paddle for those who like to play a defensive game and focus on controlling the situation. The blade quality and 6-layer made a significant difference in this paddle over others.

Stiga has added an extra layer with Stiga Supreme at this price, whereas most other paddles contain 5-ply at such price range.

Lightweight construction allows faster play with accuracy. Like other low-budget paddles, it has a lack of generating power like a pro paddle.

Since it is a less-weight racket, it is the top choice for players who love to play offensive and defensive games.


  • The Stiga Supreme is an ITTF approved tournament-level racket.
  • It has a 2mm broad sponge.
  • An extra light 6-ply blade and a flared handle grip.


  • An optimal balance of weight and speed is a good start for first-time table tennis players.
  • It is incredibly lightweight and offers excellent control.


  • This paddle doesn’t generate lots of speed or spin
  • It is not well suited for intermediate or advanced players.

7. Killerspin jet 600- Top Master Level Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin Jet 600
Killerspin Jet 600

Among other rackets, Killerspin Jet 600 borders around the master-level racket. The paddle offers a higher quality value, which can not be seen in the upper-middle price tag.

It is a higher-end competition-level racket at a reasonable price for those who are still working on their game progress.

This is not a wondering matter that with low weight, how this 5-layer paddle offers excellent control over the game. The tackiness of rubber provides power, and spin depends on the rubber quality.

So premium quality rubber makes this paddle unique to produce the best spin and counter spin as well.

The question that arises about the paddle is comfort and speed of play. It may take some time to adjust the balance as a new paddle, but afterward, it will feel like a super paddle.

Though the handle may cause some handling problems for the pro-players, otherwise, it is okay with the rest.

For people who are looking for a superior racket in a tiny pocket, Killerspin Jet 600, is the top choice.


  • It has a flared handle.
  • Its blade is made up of 5-ply wood.
  • It’s got a sponge width of 2.1mm and comes equipped with an ITTF – approved Nitrx – 4z rubber.
  • Besides, it comes in a free storage box case for protection.


  • As its name goes, the Killerspin jet 600’s aggressive spin capacity makes it perfect for attacking.
  • It also has good speed


  • It could be quite expensive.
  • It can be challenging to control and would require some getting used to, which makes it unsuitable for beginners.

8. Stiga Apex- Best Beginner Friendly Ping Pong Paddle

Stiga Apex
Stiga Apex

Beginners usually need a budget-friendly paddle, which offers the least value at this price. So we have come across another Stigas product that is suitable for beginners.

Stiga Apex holds the 5-ply wooden blade, which is unexpected in beginner-level paddles.

A little weight makes it exceptional, among others. The wooden blade helps to produce high-quality shots with better spin and control. Holding this paddle offers a comforting feeling.

Because of the WRB feature, it allows extra speed and returning spin during the game. Considering its price, it offers over performance in controlling and growing skills.

Stiga Apex is an exceptionally reasonable ping pong paddle for those who are passionate about taking their game to another level.

It is advised by the experts and mentors not to go for a faster paddle for the starter. Before mastering the game, it is one of the best paddles recommended for beginners.


  • Its performance ratings, according to the manufacturer, are; speed – 65, spin – 52, control – 80.
  • The sponge is 2mm thick with a 5-ply extra light blade.
  • A concave flared handle.


  • Stiga Apex is lightweight but, at the same time, quite durable.
  • It is an inexpensive option, which makes it more appealing to buyers.
  • The paddle is very comfortable to hold and offers excellent control.


  • The Stiga Apex generates modest speed and spin at most and is not recommended for advanced players.

9. Butterfly 401- Best Skill Upgrading Ping Pong Paddle

Butterfly 401
Butterfly 401

A very few ping pong paddles can be as effective as Butterfly 401 racket for beginners to upgrade their skills. The rating of eight in both controlling and spin made Butterfly extraordinary, along with its lower middle range price.

It is an excellent option for hardworking beginner to extend their skill through reasonable investment for this paddle. It is quite clear from the user review that its rubbers are tackier than other ordinary paddles as those are its competitors.

The built quality of its blade is also premium since rough use can not destroy its extended life. It may lack in controlling the ball balance sometimes. Other beginner’s racket provides more control in play than this one.


  • Standard red and black 2.1mm rubber.
  • Its blade made of 5 – plywood, which makes for a very lightweight paddle.
  • It has the traditional Shakehand style handle with a flared grip and a 2.1mm thick sponge.
  • Its performance ratings are given as; speed – 8/10, spin – 8/10, control – 8.5/10


  • The tackiness of the rubber helps generate spin.
  • It is especially suited to intermediate players as it offers the right balance of speed, turn, and control.
  • It also comes with a paddle case to encourage durability.


  • The Butterfly 401 does not offer great speed
  • Its’ got a handle that is slightly shorter than usual; this could affect grip and may prove to be uncomfortable, especially for players with larger hands.

10. Stiga Titan- Best Rated Ping Pong Paddle

Stiga Titan
Stiga Titan

One of the premium rackets, among many, is Stiga titan. Our experts have rated it above eight. The value it provides is higher than its competitors; nevertheless, the price is low. The paddle is suitable for the newbie who is taking his game seriously.

The performance of the paddle often depends on the blade of this racket. Wooden handles are most useful to offer the necessary power to any paddle.

At the lower price range, Stiga Titan offers a wooden handle with a 5-ply. Many users said that the quality of Titan is lower than Stiga’s other rackets as they use Triumph rubber on it.

So there may have some questions about durability.

Despite having some issues, it provides proper control over games. Most of Stiga’s products are reputable, whereas, it does not contain high-quality elements.


  • The manufacturer’s performance ratings are as follows; speed – 80, spin – 77, control – 82
  • It is ITTF approved, with a 5 – ply extra light blade and a 2mm thick sponge.
  • Its handle is characterized as a concave composite.


  • The Stiga Titan is very lightweight
  • It is one of the few paddles of its quality, which is suitable for younger children.
  • It boasts increased grip, decent control, and affordability.


  • It does not have the capacity for hard-hitting, and since it is lightweight.
  • It may not be very durable.

11. Killerspin Jet 200- Master Stroke Generator Beginner Paddle

An entry-level player needs such a paddle, which will be most supportive of improving the player’s skill. So Killerspin is one of the best entry-level ping pong rackets for them.

The paddle’s price is not higher quite similar to Butterfly 401 and Stiga Titan, yet beginners choose this racket on their initial level of playing.

Killerspin Jet 200
Killerspin Jet 200

It can partially compete with Stiga Titan, but its control is higher demanding. Being a new paddle in the market, it was not easy to find an accessible and comfortable place.

However, Killerspin Jet200 had proved their aggressive design and premium quality in the ping pong equipment industry at a reasonable price.

Like other paddles, it uses 5-ply blades, made from wood, which is not comparable with Stiga Titan ut there is no issue found from users. Killerspin Jet200 has the best quality rubber of its competitors.

The rubber offers the freshest look and compromising spin-over shots. The racket is not appreciatable for the advanced player according to its overall value.

The speed rating of this paddle is quite lower than its competitors. Whereas, beginners can hold up to this one to learn control and spin over shots with this paddle.


  • The Killerspin jet 200 comes in a beautiful casing.
  • Which, on its own, is an excellent incentive to purchase?
  • Its blade made of 5 – plywood with a flared grip handle. Its sponge is 2.1mm thick, and it is not heavy.
  • Performance ratings of this racket are; spin – 7/10, speed – 6/10, control – 8.5/10


  • It is inexpensive, has a comfortable handle grip.
  • It is suitable for beginners and recreational players.


  • The Killerspin jet 200 is not ITTF approved.
  • Its speed and spin are low.

12. Killerspin jet 800- best table tennis bat

Killerspin Jet 800
Killerspin Jet 800

It does not make a huge difference when you buy a high-valued paddle no matter what the brand is, and it clearly provides the best performance.

Yes, we are talking about the Killerspin Jet 800 racket, one of the expert’s choice paddles. For instance, Chen Qi the gold medalist use this paddle, and most of the best player does as well.

Why is this model an expert choice? Well, the paddle uses a wooden blade along with 7-ply. Those layers are carbon fiber made, which ensures stability and power in speed shots.

Besides, the lightweight helps to generate smooth control over the ball and playing condition.

It’s not a wonder that the rubber it uses is premium. Since it is a high price tag racket, definitely its rubber fits with it and generates superior spins. So it is clear that what you for the paddle returns you more value than that.

If you want to be the king on the battlefield, nothing can come around you and the Jet 800 model. Now the choice is yours whether you want to e the king or the typical audience.


  • Speed – 9.5/10, spin – 9/10, control – 8/10
  • This is a great paddle with a 7 – ply blade (5 wood  + 2 carbon layers).
  • It is constructed with ITTF approved Nitrx – 4z rubbers.
  • It has a high tension 2mm thick sponge.


  • It is well suited for advanced level players
  • Its heavyweight provides for higher speed.


  • The Killerspin jet 800 having a style that is more catered to attack play,
  • It is quite unfavorable to defensive playing, mainly as a result of its heavyweight.
  • Another disadvantage is that it is costly to acquire

13. Butterfly Zhang Jike Box set

ButterflyZhang Jike
ButterflyZhang Jike

China’s one of the best paddle box sets is Butterfly Zhang Jike which has won the world champion award two times. Apart from that, it has won the London summer games gold award along with the silver award at the Rio games.

Like some other popular paddles, it is also made of five plywood along with reinforcing carbon fiber that helps better spotting and provides faster playing opportunities.

The rubber it uses has the best construction with the best materials and helps to control spin and speed accurately.

The professionals love this paddle and often recommend it for intermediate players. The design is outstanding and comes with four balls along with two paddles in a stylish paddle case.


  • 7 – ply blade composed of 5 plies of wood and two plies of Arylate carbon.
  • The paddle has an attacking style.
  • Its handle has the traditional Shakehand style with a flared grip.
  • The performance ratings as given by the manufacturer are; speed – 92.5, spin – 87.5, control – 55


  • This paddle, being mainly catered to advanced play,
  • It is swift and has the right balance of speed and spin.
  • To top it off, it comes in a beautiful casing.


  • The Butterfly Zhang Jike Box set may just be one of the most expensive table tennis rackets you can find.
  • It may have a lot to offer, but one can’t help but think if it is worth the price.
  • It is not at all suitable for beginners and requires time and skill for greater control.

14. Butterfly Viscaria Blade

Butterfly Viscaria
Butterfly Viscaria

The blade is a crucial thing in the table tennis racket. So remembering that point Butterfly has used a top-quality Arylate blade which is made from carbon.

This blade ensures a prominent sweet spot and regular power with spin and control.

In most cases, top players use this blade beside Zhang Jike’s paddle since both of them are from the same brand, Butterfly.

Though they have used different carbon fiber from Zhang Jike. In this case, they have followed the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade. The very unique handle of this racket FL and ST is made in Japan.


  • Similar to the Zhang Jike Racket of the same brand, the Butterfly Viscaria blade consists of 5 plies of wood and two plies of Arylate carbon, for a total of 7 plies.
  • It’s got a flared handle and performance ratings for speed and control, of 94 and 57, respectively.


  • Its equipped with shock absorption technology, which increases speed and generates lots of spins.
  • It is suitable for advanced players and is ITTF approved.


  • Once again, much like Zhang Jike, it is quite expensive,
  • It difficult to control
  • Not suitable for beginners.

15. Integrafun ping pong paddle set

Integrafun ping pong paddle set

Very few paddle sets are ITTF approved. This paddle set is one of them. They have used seven plywood along with tacky rubber and a bouncy sponge which help spin and speed control besides perfect spotting.

Since it is a paddle set, it comes with 4 paddles and eight 3-star ping pong balls along with a paddle case.

The grip feels comfortable for both small and big hands as its handle is Shakehand style. Because of its balanced weight, it is easy to play and control the ball.

No matter how long you play, it will provide consistent ball bounce and control. This model is perfect for all sorts of people including kids to adults.

They love to play with this paddle as a fun-seeking or practice for kids. You can give someone as a gift and certainly, they will love it.


  • Enclosed in a unique and portable cloth casing
  • The paddle set includes 4 rackets and 8 balls each with 5 – ply wooden blades and a 1.8mm sponge.


  • It is family-friendly and great for beginners.
  • Its tacky rubber generates the right amount of spin.
  • Handles are long and comfortable, and it has excellent value for money.


  • It is more suitable for recreational and not advanced play.
  • Paddles may have a pungent smell.

How to Choose the Best Ping Pong Rackets with Ultimate Buying Guide

A ping pong paddle is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any table tennis player, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. But with so many different brands and models on the market, it can be tough to know which one to choose. In this buying guide, we’ll provide you with a detailed review of some of the best ping pong paddles available, and help you find the perfect paddle for your needs.

  1. Blade and Rubber: The blade and rubber are the two main components of a ping pong paddle. The blade is the wooden part of the paddle, while the rubber is the surface that comes into contact with the ball. Look for a paddle with a high-quality blade made from durable, lightweight materials such as carbon or Kevlar, and a rubber that provides good grip and spin.
  2. Handle: The handle is an important factor to consider when choosing a ping pong paddle. Look for a handle that feels comfortable in your hand and provides a secure grip. Handles come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose one that suits your playing style.
  3. Level of Play: Consider your level of play when choosing a ping pong paddle. If you’re a beginner, a paddle with a slower, more forgiving rubber can help you develop your skills. If you’re an intermediate or advanced player, look for a paddle with a faster, more responsive rubber that can handle advanced techniques and spins.
  4. Brand and Price: Finally, consider the brand and price of the ping pong paddle. Some of the top brands in the market include Butterfly, Stiga, and Killerspin, but there are also many high-quality paddles available at lower price points. Keep in mind that investing in a high-quality paddle can improve your game and last longer, but it’s important to choose a paddle that fits within your budget.

Choosing the best ping pong paddle can be a daunting task, but by considering the blade and rubber, handle, level of play, brand, and price, you can find a paddle that suits your needs and helps you improve your game. With this buying guide, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect paddle for your table tennis needs.

What Else Do You Need With Ping Pong Paddle?

If You are thinking of being a professional in this field, you need some other mandatory things. Like ping pong tables without this, you can not play the game;

Balls are crucial as well, the robot is to take your practice session to the next level, shoes are that material that will be needed for the game rule.

Or if you want to play this game as a good source of entertainment, or want to spend quality time with your family members.

Then outdoor could be your preference too. In that case, you need to buy outdoor tables. You can set them in your yards or in the garden or wherever you want; it’s up to you.

Or you can play this game to keep you fit. Do you have ideas about the health benefits of ping pong? Of course, you do.

Ping Pong is an outstanding game to keep you fit and your family members and friends as well. So you should not miss out on that chance to get a healthy life with this fantastic game.

Related Questions About Best Ping Pong Rackets

Why are ping pong paddles two colors?

There are two approved colors of ping pong rubbers; red and black. The reason for this began quite a while ago when ping pong advanced from being just a leisure sport to a competitive game played by many internationally.

Back then, in the beginning, players, to win, would use various rubbers of the same color with the hope that they can confuse the opponent into not knowing which side had more speed or spin force, which was quite useful.

In time the ITTF international table tennis federation concluded that rubbers must be made of two separate colors so that opponents can get a clue on which side of the bat does better and at what.

To create fairness, in both hands, the rule was approved, and only

rubbers with the ITTF log on them.

ping pong paddle reviews

Do ping pong paddles make a difference?

Most professionals have made a clear statement that getting the right mix of paddle assortment can lead to better performance while playing, and the truth is that yes, they are right.

Various accessories to the racket have varied impacts on how the game might pan out. With the correct settings, you can have a more effective and dominant paddle than that of your opponent.

Getting the right rubber and sponge that works well with your playing techniques ensures that each move you play goes just as you planned or better.

Paddles made for a defensive player who uses more of the chop or lob techniques won’t work right for an offensive player who uses the smash or loop techniques.

Rubbers that have less spinning power will be ineffective to defensive players and more useful to offensive players.

Best Ping Pong Paddles

The sponges serve as an improvement in the way the balls will react and counter-react; getting this phase right gives the player a better spin and help to make each play a powerful and possibly winning move.

While the blade and handle provide comfort and control to players, ensuring that you can effectively execute your desired game while also supporting your defensive style and counter moves. 

The different handle types not only provide comfort but also has a preference for some playing styles and techniques.

Short handles are better for Penhold players, and longer handles are favored by those that play the Shakehand style. Bigger handles are better for those with big palms, and some players prefer smaller handles that they can make to their size with the use of grip tape. 

Although ping pong is more about the player’s skills and techniques since a perfect player can use any type of bat and still probably win, yet it isn’t an excellent choice to use any paddle out there, getting the right paddle will give you the right edge when playing.

In the end, to increase the player’s skills and agility, the right paddle works well to improve a player’s personality as well as his or her chances of being the Victor at the end of a match.

What is the best Ping pong rubber then?

There is no yes or no answer to this question. The only solution would be that the best rubber is that which fits your play style and your techniques.

Now you have a more than basic knowledge of the types of rubber, their uses, and their pros and cons, after making your choice on the play style you want to use, you can decide which rubber suits your personality and fit it into your equipment.

All these are things you need to know before you choose the right best paddle for you.

What is the best ping pong paddle to buy?

With ping pong, there is no seemingly best thing for all players, only more preferable choices. There are too many things to consider from a player’s comfort to a player’s style and grip.

The popular bat then is one that has the right weight for you, which will enable you to swing it around freely.

The best bat is one that has the most favorable grip to you, that gives you control and agility while ensuring comfort.

The best bat is the one that has the best rubber for your play and handles for your style. Whatever suits your personality and style best is the best ping pong paddle to buy.

Picking The Best Table Tennis Racket

Ping pong is a fun game for all, and whether you choose to play it professionally or for fun with friends, there is no harm in getting the best ping pong paddle for you.

But whatever choice you end up with, be sure that you think through all that you need and pick that which covers all your wishes or at least the basic need.

After purchase remembers to change out the rubber once it begins to wear out and for those who end up buying a grip tape, be sure to have them changed regularly as they all assist you to be a better player.

For new players, it is fine to experiment a little with different paddles until you advance so much that you are sure of what you want in your paddles.