Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Review – Best Player’s Choice

It will be the most helpful fact if you are willing to know which table tennis racket to buy from an in-depth review. The Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket is the best choice since it fulfills the best ping pong paddle requirements and is the best table tennis racket for beginners to intermediate.

Today, we will answer many of your questions in your mind that often come out, but you do not get the solutions properly. We will be covering the Butterfly 401 review in this very article that will provide all the answers you are expecting for so long.

So stick through the article till the end and find all the essential answers, jumping in your mind for a long time.

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Table Racket Review

There are many table tennis rackets out in the market, but not all of them are as popular as Butterfly Table Tennis Racket. The maximum numbers are not comparable with Butterfly 401.

Whereas a few rackets might compete with Butterfly. However, their blade condition is not as good as Butterfly table tennis blades.

Competitive Ping Pong Matches

You might be playing ping pong for a while or a long time. Already you know your skill and playing capability. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate in ping pong, you may need to change your paddle now.

Because participating in a competitive match is always a different experience than your normal table tennis matches.

When you are in a competitive match, you may be under extreme pressure or nervous. So during the situation, your performance can fall normally.

But if you use a good paddle that fits in your hand can provide mental support besides comfort. In that case, Butterfly 401 ping pong paddle is the best support in our expert’s opinion.

Apart from that, what do you actually need in a competitive match? Well, that is pretty clear you need speed, spin, and the best control when you are facing a tough opponent.

Since the butterfly 401, table tennis racket for professionals builds from five plywood blades and it provides the best table tennis racket rubber Yuki rubber which ensures perfect control over the ping pong ball and it can produce effective shots.

For the competition matches, people consider the best offensive table tennis racket between butterfly 401 vs Killerspin jet 200 often.

Rubber and Sponge

Butterfly Yuki Rubber and Sponge

What matters the most in a ping pong paddle? One might say blade, others will say handle or some say tacky rubber. Actually, it really matters when we talk about rubber and sponge, apart from the blade. The spin and speed of a shot depend on the rubber quality and sponge.

It’s really a vital issue when you fix your mind buying the best table tennis racket for professional or non-professional. Make sure the manufacturer uses the best table tennis rubber to their paddle.

Another crucial thing is the tackiness of the rubber. In this case, Butterfly 401 has used Yuki rubber that is 2.1mm and ensures control rating over speed and spin( for the tackiness).

Ergonomic Grip

Gripping is one of the most vital things of a ping pong paddle. If you can hold the paddle comfortably, you can play better shots. Butterfly 401 table tennis racket has a rounded shape flare that provides a supper gripping experience. Based on the gripping style the Shakehand is most unique and helpful for all levels of players.

Because of the Shakehand style, it adds extra value in design which attracts people’s attention at a very first look.

As an offensive player, you can choose the Butterfly 401 ping pong paddle as it is considered the best offensive table tennis racket.  A couple of color variations give the paddle rank at the top of the list.

butterfly 401 table tennis racket set

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket cover

Think you are planning to buy a worthy paddle and you are going around. Once, think about the Butterfly 401 paddle which is offering a full racket set at a low price, and even it is worth the most in the value and performance as well.

So will you go for the other or Butterfly bat? Most obviously you won’t go for another since you are getting a package of the best butterfly 401 table tennis racket set.

If you buy a paddle for playing, you must need a paddle case later. Whereas, it is offering a beautiful long-lasting paddle case that adds extra value to buying. It is really necessary to protect your paddle from damage, no matter how careful are you?

Pros of the Butterfly 401 Paddle

  1. The paddle has a five-ply blade that provides sensible power
  2. Butterfly 401 is a tournament-grade paddle and ITTF approved
  3. Butterfly Yuki Rubber helps to generate great spin because the rubber is tacky
  4. The sponge used in the paddle is thick which gives proper power
  5. The paddle has a beautiful cover with it
  6. It has the best all-round balance rating

Cons of the Butterfly 401 Paddle

  1. When it gets dusty, it may have lack spin and hard to control the spin
  2. The handle of the 401 paddles is slightly short
  3. Balanced rating may vary depending on expertise from intermediate to advanced. But it may not be applicable for the complete beginner.

About the manufacturer: Butterfly

Among many top-class ping pong manufacturers, Butterfly is a Japanese company founded in the 1950s to provide excellent products for professionals as well as beginners. From the very beginning, they are sponsoring some selected players in world competitions and continued it till today.

Their best class paddle, rubber are intensely popular among the players because of their quality. So if you intend to buy a ping pong paddle never hesitate to buy from the Butterfly brand.

Why Should You Pick the Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set?

Not only Experts but also many professionals have recommended this paddle for a couple of reasons. Among them, the control rating takes first place on behalf of the racket. Without better control, one can not perform well even if he is the most skilled ping pong or table tennis player.

The second thing that comes to mind, the paddle is a competitive tournament approved. As human beings, we always want the best thing over non-popular or unapproved. Eyes of customers upon the particular paddle means they want the tournament-approved paddle like this one.

Another reason can be the gift box that comes with the paddle set. Is there any person who does not love to get gifts? Probably no.

After that, the butterfly 401 table tennis racket price is affordable. Considering its value the price is quite low and the features are much higher than what you expect from a ping pong racket, price under $50.

Furthermore, comfortable gripping is another reason you should buy the Butterfly 401. Other best ping pong paddles you can buy from this brand. Please check out our other page for the best reviews from our experts.