5 Best Nittaku Ping Pong Balls Reviews [Professional’s Choice]

Do a lot of questions arise in your mind when you look for Nittaku ping pong balls? That’s logical because you might be looking for table tennis training balls or the best ping pong balls from the Nittaku brands as they are very durable and great quality balls. 

I am really excited to tell you that I am going to solve your problem today while you are stuck on discovering 40mm ping pong balls that suit best for your requirements and budget.

I am quite sure after reading these Nittaku balls reviews you will get an in-depth understanding of observing the best quality of a ping pong ball that might help you to make a proper decision whether to buy the best professional ping pong balls or not.

Though many experts believe all the pricey table tennis balls are not high-end balls all the time. However, I challenge you to put some questions in your mind regarding these Nittaku balls like I often do.

What are the basic things you are looking for in the Nittaku table tennis balls? If you get all the questions right or around those then you should not wait further.

Lets jump!

Best Nittaku Ping Pong Balls Reviews that Meet Your Requirements

Among table tennis equipment, balls are significant to consider and the Nittaku brand is a step ahead of others as they produce the prime level of eco-friendly ping pong balls. So if we dig down to the particular models of the balls, we will get better know.

1. Nittaku J-Top Training Bulk Pack 40+ Ping Pong Balls- Our Top Pick

Nittaku J-Top Training Bulk Pack 40+ Ping Pong Balls

If I explain in one word this ball is superb, says a user. Then we tried to dig into it and found the truth about the Nittaku J-Top Training Bulk Pack. The ball is outstanding for its quality it serves as a ping pong training ball. 

Nobody can deny the durability of Nittaku J-Top as they come from Japan. If you think you need to practice with a ping pong robot then J-Top is the best bulk pack for you because it has 120 balls in the pack.

Though it is not ITTF approved for the tournament but it ensures the quality of 3-star competition balls without pointing fingers toward it. 

Unlike many other non-celluloid balls it is also made of plastic but the quality is quite higher than other 40+ plastic-made table tennis balls. The price seems adjustable with the amount and the high-end quality of this ball.


  • Competition level quality
  • Made by Nittaku brand
  • Similar to 3-star quality 40+ balls
  • 120 balls bulk pack
  • Suitable for practice with robot


  • Non celluloid material

2. Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls

Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls

Why do players love Nittaku Premium 40+ balls so much? If you are finding ping pong practice balls then it is the best option for you right now! If you ask a question why?

Then you must keep in mind the brand reputation first. Secondly, it is a Japanese company that is dedicated to producing the best professional ping pong balls.

Nittaku 3-star premium 40+ table tennis balls generate the exact ball bounce you need while playing. Since being a 3-star 40+ ball it ensures the most durability of other balls like Butterfly ping pong balls.

From the practice experience some players say, they found the ball is really lightweight and the best option for practice balls. Though they are pricey it seems worth paying depending on their quality some others say.

So clearly indicates it has bright value among the players as good practice balls in table tennis.


  • The balls provide perfect bounce
  • Most durable balls
  • 3-star 40+ premium ball
  • Lightweight ball


  • A little high pricey balls

3. Nittaku 6 Balls NEXCEL 40+ Orange 3-Star Ping Pong Balls

Nittaku Nexcel 6 balls

If we talk about Nittaku 6 balls Nexcel 40+ Orange 3-star ping pong ball, the first thing that arises is a solid option for aerodynamics for its matte surface. It has been launched recently by the Nittaku company with an attractive orange color.

Nittaku Nexcel 40+ orange is ITTF approved quality made in Japan and got the best sensation from the customers. As it comes with 6 balls, I hope it is worth paying not only for the number of balls but also for the quality.

It might add extra enjoyment to your game while you will discover the racket edge protection tape with it. Though it is a non-celluloid ball it has competition-level acceptance.

It provides excellent ball bounce during attacking play said a user and proper balancing weight covers extra support during the game.


  • Bright Orange color helps playing in low light
  • 3-star 40+ ball
  • ITTF approved quality
  • 6 balls come along
  • Comes with racket protection edge tape
  • Balancing bounce in attacking play
  • Great aerodynamics for matte surface


  • Non celluloid balls

4. Nittaku 3-Star Premium & 3-Star Nexcel Balls

Nittaku 3-Star Premium & 3-Star Nexcel Balls

A rare combination of Nittaku 3-star premium, white balls with 3-star Nexcel 3 Orange balls offers a variety in your gaming experience. Because of our 3-star balls both provide excellent bounce on the table tennis table.

You can not raise a negative point about its durability as both of them are 3-star balls. Both balls are perfectly rounded so they won’t wobble during the game. Like other Nittaku balls, this model also provides racket protection edge tape which is really beneficial.

If we share some users’ experiences, they say, after using 7 brands they found Nittaku as their satisfying one as Nittaku provides the best value in their eco-friendly ping pong balls.

And the ball weight is just perfect for playing that makes sure not to wobble or make any trouble.


  • Variations of color both white and Orange
  • Meet the users satisfaction
  • Most durable balls
  • Consistent ball bounce
  • Comes with racket protection edge tape


  • After shipping some product can be damaged

5. Nittaku Japan Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls

Nittaku Japan Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls

Nittaku Japan Star 40+ balls are very similar to Nittaku Premium Orange balls because of their excellent performance. All the balls we have reviewed earlier are high-quality ping pong practice balls and this one goes the same way with Nittaku build.

As a practice ball, its weight helps to play upright, may not shake or wobble because of its slightly heavier weight than normal. We got a different material of non-celluloid balls in it. The Nittaku has used poly to make this 40+ table tennis ball instead of plastic.

This is really a good sign for Nittaku to come out from the plastic build for the table tennis training balls through Japan 3-star 40+ table tennis ball.

So if you are comfortable with heavier ping pong balls that do not make trouble in games then you can easily go for this particular model of eco-friendly table tennis ball.


  • Very good quality balls
  • 40+ poly plastic made balls
  • Very cost-effective ball
  • Performance close to Nittaku 3 star premium ball


  • A little bit heavier
  • Not ITTF approved

Which ping pong balls are the best?

Ping pong balls are a simple and inexpensive way for people to play the game of ping pong. They come in many different qualities, sizes, and colors.

There are several aspects that differentiate between types of ping pong balls: quality, size, color, durability/durability-to-cost ratio (DCR), bounce consistency, and price.

Some players prefer to use expensive quality balls because they feel like this type will lead them to better performance on the table, especially when playing competitively against other players.

However, most casual ping pong players would prefer to use cheaper quality balls that are more consistent in bounce and can be used multiple times without losing too much air pressure.

Ping pong balls come in different size categories: standard (2 ¼ inches), super (2 ½ inches), or jumbo (2 9/16 inches). The standard-sized balls are used in most of the official tournaments and competitions, but some people prefer to use a larger size because it is easier for them to handle.

Larger balls provide more spin room when striking the ball with your paddle (racket), which allows you to put more curves on the ball as it travels across the table toward your opponent’s side.

This is a debate that has been going on for many years and will likely continue to rage on with no sign of stopping in the near future. Some people believe that the preference for ping pong balls is just a matter of personal choice.

While others feel like there are certain qualities in favor of either celluloid or liquid-filled balls. A good number of players feel like the celluloid (the traditional and more popular type) will provide a better bounce and is easier to play with than liquid-filled balls.

But others claim that liquid-filled balls provide greater consistency in bounce height regardless of temperature or altitude changes.

On the other hand, there are many people who prefer these clear plastic balls over traditional celluloid ones because they have a more consistent bounce pattern and lose less air pressure.

Which allows the player to use the ball for a longer time before it has to be replaced. However, there are players who argue that these clear plastic balls provide less spin on their shots because of the smoothness of their surface.

It is a matter of opinion, but if you are a casual player looking to save money while still being able to enjoy the fun of the game, then the liquid-filled balls might be best for you.

It’s really tough to say which balls are best based on mentioned things above. However, it depends on users like beginners to advanced or professionals.

Frequently Asked Question About Table Tennis Practice Balls

Why Nittaku balls are great choices for practice

For practice, you need a ball that has better durability and an affordable price and Nittaku commits two of them. So if you want the best table tennis practice balls then it might be the supreme option for you.

Apart from that, if you are a complete beginner in ping pong then it is also a greater choice for you. It will provide good support for the table tennis beginner as well.

Why are Table Tennis Practice Balls important?

The more you practice, the more you become an expert in the game. If you do not practice perfectly you can’t be a good ping pong player. So for the practice, you need the specific practice balls that can give you comfort or that last long. 

For example, without weapons you can not take part in a war, so without a ball, you can not practice.

Why are Plastic Balls Used in Table Tennis Practice?

Plastic balls are cheaper than celluloid balls and the practice balls are non-star especially made for practice. Most of them are made of plastics from different table tennis ball brands.

If we consider the Nittaku Premium Orange ball then it would be clear to you in no time. They are very good quality balls but most advanced players recommend using the ball for practice.

Best Reasons for Picking Nittaku Ping Pong Balls

If you are not bothered with the ping pong ball ratings or if you are in search of table tennis training balls then you might not be wondering about picking any ping pong balls from the Nittaku brand.

Because Nittaku has a lot of practice balls that qualify with the requirements at every step.

 Many experts recommend different types of 3-star ping pong balls but the players recommend Nittaku ping pong balls for practice. As a result, the company has taken this idea into the account not to compromise the quality. 

So far from our review, we can pick the Nittaku J-Top Training Bulk Pack 40+ Ping Pong Balls as the best ball now.