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Can you lose on a serve in ping pong? If you play ping pong, you know that it’s easy to get into a bad serve or even a bad game. You have to be able to put yourself in a position to win or you will lose. There’s no question about it! Proper practice and continuous learning can help you to know this thing better and improve your table tennis game quickly over others.

One of the most important skills in any sport is reading the opponent. Knowing when to go for the kill and when to give it away is a vital part of success.

And yet, many tennis players still struggle to read the game and are caught off guard by an opponent who makes a move they weren’t expecting.

Today, we’re going to talk about “can you lose on a serve in ping pong and what you need to learn to overcome that situation in table tennis or ping pong. So hang on till the end and do not miss the questions answer section.

Ping Pong Serve

Why you should learn to serve better?

As a beginner or intermediate, you can lose on a serve in ping pong because of many factors. You have to learn those things that will solve your problems quickly. Meanwhile, you need to learn how to serve better in a table tennis match with a lot of practice and corrections. Correct service always adds better winning chances in each game.

Conversely, you have to focus on your mistakes and understand them. That’s the first step for the improvement of your game. If you do it well, you can become a better server.

If you look closely at the best players when they play, they took more than 25% points from the serve. So clearly we can say it is more important to learn to serve better from the very beginning of your playing career.

What happens if the Ball Hits your Finger in Ping Pong?

What happens if the Ball Hits your Finger in Ping Pong
Ball Touching Finger

A ping pong ball hitting your hand will not count as a foul. However, if there are two shots (such as when the ball hits you and then hits the racket), it will be considered as a loss.

The ball can be seen by referees when it touches the player’s body. A ball hitting an opponent’s finger is called invalid. There are three possible reasons why a ball hits the player’s finger.

These include:

1) the ball touched the finger accidentally

2) the ball came off the racket

3) the ball was blocked by the player’s hand.

When you Can’t See the Ball Properly

When you Can't See the Ball Properly
Can’t See Ball Properly

Ping Pong players should stand up straight when playing ping pong. This helps them see the ball better. When standing up straight, the ball will tend to go towards the player’s hand.

If a player is left-handed and he stands with his left hand above his head, the ping pong ball will naturally go towards his right hand. This is also true for players who are right-handed.

However, there is one exception. If a right-handed player is facing the net and his back is to the table, the ping pong ball will go towards his left hand.

This is because his natural reaction when trying to hit a ball is to raise his arm (which is the non-dominant hand) above his head.

When your Racket Swing is Unstable

To stabilize the swing of the racket, you must shake it tightly. You should use extra strength to get the racket close to your body without stretching out your arms.

Your footwork needs to become stronger to help you catch up with the ball. And to improve your footwork, you must practice compact swing awareness and improve your footwork.

In addition, you must work on your reaction time because the faster you move, the more likely you are to be successful. Otherwise, the ball will hit on your hand.

When you are not able to respond to sudden changes

Can't response because of sudden change
Can’t Response Properly

A beginner player who doesn’t know how to control the ball properly might be affected by heterogeneous rubber. The ball may continue to hit the finger after it bounces off the finger.

That is because the toe of the shoe is worn and does not provide enough friction with the ground for the ball to roll away. If this happens, a beginner player will be unable to play a good game of ping pong.

Heterogeneous rubber also affects the accuracy of the table tennis shot. A beginner player might shoot the ball when it should have been hit with a weaker power.

In order to prevent the ball from hitting a finger after bouncing off a finger, a beginner player must practice table tennis with new equipment. New equipment includes new shoes, gloves, rackets, and paddles.

Related questions to ask about lose on a serve in ping pong

Can you lose on a bad serve in ping pong?

Undeniably yes! But before you lose on a serve, you have to learn how to serve well.

You can learn how to play ping pong: here.

Is there a ‘let’ in ping pong?

Is there a 'let' in ping pong
Thinking About ‘let’

As I have shown earlier, ping pong has a very short serve and volley system. A serve can be called a “let” if the ball bounces once again on the same side (the serve side). If the service is called a “let”, it means that the ball has bounced twice on the same side.

The serve would be considered as a let if the ball bounced on the server-side again when it is already on the other side of the table.

This means that the ball bounced three times on the same side of the table. So, is it true that a double fault is the worst type of fault in ping pong?

Moreover, what about a triple fault? A triple fault occurs when a player misses three consecutive shots without the opponent hitting the ball. Is missing three consecutive shots truly the worst kind of fault in ping pong?

Actually, there are two major faults in table tennis besides a double fault or a triple fault. These two major faults are… Failing To Return The Ball After It Has Been Hit! and… Making An Unforced Error! Let us examine these two major faults in more detail.

Does ping pong serve to have to go off the end of the table?

In fact, ping pong does not have to go off the end of the table. If the serve is called a let, then the original server can choose to either hit the ball on the other side of the table (out-of-court) or return the ball back to the table by hitting the ball on his own side of the table (in-court).

However, if the server does not hit the ball on his side of the table (in-court), then the point will be considered as a loss.

What happens if you fail a serve in table tennis?

fail a serve in table tennis
Serve Fail

First, you will be given an opportunity to re-serve. If you do not do anything about the situation, the point will be considered a loss.

If you decide to continue playing with a double fault, the receiver will receive a new let and the point will be over.

Should you choose to play with a double fault, then it means that you are giving up the point because… you are unable to win it!

Therefore, it is much better to choose not to play with a double fault.

Can you score on a serve in ping pong?

Sure, you can score on a serve in ping pong. The way you do that is, you hit the ball, and then immediately after it bounces, you run to the other side of the table and touch the ball with your paddle.

This is called a “serve.” If you do it right, you should be able to score on nearly every serve. However, there is another way to score on a serve. If you do this, you will not only score on the first serve, but also on all subsequent serves.

What you do is, you wait until the last possible moment before you hit the ball and then you paddle as hard as you can just before the ball bounces. This is the “optimum” way to score on a serve.

Find the top-notch paddles that control the ball batter.

Always remember: Ping pong is a game of angles. The best player always wins!

What is the serve rule in table tennis?

The serve rule is the rule that states that the first person who makes a serve wins the game.

However, if the second person makes a better serve than the first person’s serve, then the second person will win the game. The serve rule is very important in table tennis because it helps table tennis players to be more strategic.

As you can see from the examples in the pictures, the player who hits the ball first is the winner. This is true if the opponent has not hit the ball yet.

The person who made the service must also know the rules of table tennis. He or she should make a strong serve, so that the opponent cannot hit the ball back at him or her.

The serve must be placed at a high point. It is important to remember to serve first and not wait for the opponent to serve first. You have to make sure that your service is a good one.

Is table tennis harder than tennis?

Is table tennis harder than tennis
Playing Table Tennis

They are both difficult sports. However, I would have to say that table tennis game is much more difficult than tennis.

Why? Because, when you play tennis, all you have to do is hit the ball with a racket, and then run after it and try to return it to the court. It’s really quite simple.

However, when you play ping pong, you must play the game with a ping pong bat (which looks like a racquet), a ping pong paddle (which has a rubber blade on one side and a plastic blade on the other side), and a table tennis ball (which weighs about an ounce).

In addition to that, you have to play the game while standing at least four feet above the playing surface of a table that is approximately six feet long.

All these things add up to a lot more physical activity than what is required to play tennis. That’s why I would have to say that playing table tennis is more difficult than playing tennis.

However, I don’t know for sure. Maybe someone who is really good at both sports could tell you the exact comparative differences in the difficulty of the two sports.

What makes a serve illegal in ping pong?

There are a couple of factors that make a serve illegal. Among them, the ball touching your hand or body is one. 

Another is if the ball touches the net on its way to the opponent. What makes it illegal is two things:

It is against the table tennis rules and it is unsportsmanlike. Being against the rules is important because it gives an advantage to the defender, but being unsportsmanlike is equally as important.


So, these are the simple tips that you can follow to get good service in ping pong. I am sure that these tips will help you to improve your game in a short time.

In the long run, you need to learn and practice a lot to be a master at serving so that you can win most of your games.

I hope you have no questions after knowing “can you lose on a serve in ping pong” from this article. Even though, If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section, I will reach to you.