How To Put Spin On A Ping Pong Ball

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Whether you’re an old hand at ping pong or a beginner, you can quickly learn how to put spin on a ping pong ball with the help of this simple trick.

Do you ever feel like you can’t find a good way to beat your friends at table tennis? Do you wish you could pick up a ping pong ball and play it as if it were a rubber ball? If so, then you might just be looking for the perfect spin technique for your next game. And you’re in luck—there’s a whole bunch of ways to put some serious spin on a ping pong ball.

What I love about this ping pong ball is that the spin isn’t just there for show, it helps the ball stay in the air for longer. So the next time you’re using a ping pong ball, make sure you add some spin to keep it in the air for a little longer.

It’s about time to put a spin on a ping pong ball and let you try this with a live ball! This simple method will help you understand how to put a spin on a ping pong ball!

Why Should You Learn To Spin Ping Pong Ball?

How To Put Spin On A Ping Pong Ball
Ping Pong Player

There are many reasons why you should learn to spin a ping pong ball. The most common reason for learning how to spin a ping pong ball is that you want to play like a pro.

Some of you might be aiming to improve your table tennis game or maybe you’re planning to play in tournaments. No matter what your reason, you can quickly and easily use a spin technique on a ping pong ball and you’ll soon be able to play like a pro!

How To Put Spin On A Ping Pong Ball

Spin is a force that keeps the ball in the air and slows down its descent. There are three main types of spin on a ping pong ball, and all of them can be produced by the same technique.

Paddle and Ball

Step 1: Topspin

Topspin is the most common type of spin, and it’s the best for playing against. It’s also the fastest type of spin on a ping pong ball. When you throw the ping pong ball, it’ll stay on top of the surface, and it will be difficult for your opponent to hit it.

In ping pong, the topspin is the easiest stroke to learn. You should rotate your racket forward on the Y-axis to make the ball go into the corner.

If you use a forward motion to hit the ping pong ball, it will spin on the same Y- axis, which will produce more forward bounces when hitting the table. It’s possible to exaggerate the effect by using a heavy topspin, which means hitting harder and faster at the required angle.

Step 2: Backspin and Sidespin

Backspin and Sidespin are the other two types of spin you can put on a ping pong ball.

Backspin is the opposite of topspin. Instead of hitting forward, you have to rotate your racket back on the X-axis. This will cause the ball to leave the surface, and it’ll stay in the air for longer.

Sidespin is similar to a backspin, but instead of rotating the racket backward, you should turn it sideways.

Medium-level chops are backspin and Sidespin. They’re both pretty easy to do, but they take practice to master.

A backspin stroke is when you make the ball spin in the opposite direction of a topspin. You make the ball spin backward, and when you strike it, you make it spin in the opposite direction of a topspin.

Spin serves are shot from the baseline, with the intention of sending the ball around the field. The hand is placed almost straight on the Y-axis, and the shot goes forward on the X-axis. The ball spins around the Z-axis, resulting in all sorts of craziness.

If you’re using a spin serve, you should either counter it with backspin or sidespin or use a precise no-spin shot to send the ball in a weird direction and confuse your opponent.

Step 3: Corkspin and Backhand variants

Corkspin is the only other type of spin that can be applied to a ping pong ball. You should use a normal backhand stroke to hit the ball, and you should apply pressure with your racket, so the ball will leave the table.

This technique is only effective against a left-handed player, and it’s a great tactic for getting the ball in the air.

Spin serves are shot from the baseline with the intention of sending the ball around the field.

When the game begins, the ball is dropped in the center of the court and the teams start to play.

These two hand techniques are much more advanced than the previous ones. The reason is that they use a slightly unnatural hand position and muscles that are weaker.

The backhand chop is a powerful shot, but it’s used for offensive and defensive play. Therefore, if you want to be a great table tennis player you’ll need to master the backhand chop as well.

Tips & Tricks on Practicing Your Spins

Tips & Tricks on Practicing Your Spins
Practicing Spin

Table tennis is an excellent sport for anyone who wants to improve their game skills, and there are several things that can help you along the way.

Get a Coach

The first thing is to get a coach. You can spend a whole day explaining the axes and how you should strike, and you can spend a year watching YouTube videos to learn what a coach will teach you in 10 minutes.

If you’re looking for some extra advice about spin, you should probably talk to your coach. They can help you choose the best ball spin technique to improve your table tennis skills, and they can even help you understand what it takes to become a good table tennis player.

A good coach will explain all the techniques and show you how to do them. They’ll help you find your mistakes and then correct them.

Get a Robot

Even though a coach is great, they can only tell you so much. You might miss out on a key lesson because you’re too busy listening to them.

That’s why you should practice all of your spins with a robot. A robot will never tell you that you missed out on something. They will let you focus on doing the spin, and they will make sure you do it correctly.

These robots are very helpful when you want to practice against someone else because they have a set of different spin serves and you can test your reaction time.

You should practice your spin with a robot if you want to improve your game skills.

The robot is a lot more important than the coach because a robot doesn’t have a life expectancy. You will only improve with a robot.

Get a Quality Racket

Table tennis is not a sport that’s easy to master, and it takes years of practice to become a really good player. The key is to find a quality racket, and there are a few things that you should look for in a table tennis racket.

You should be able to feel the vibrations, and the vibration should be very consistent. The handle should be soft, and it should be balanced.

A quality table tennis racket is very important to your game.

Practice your spin serves with a quality racket.

If you’re a beginner and you want to get started playing table tennis, you should try out a net racket. They are much easier to use than a normal racket, and they are much cheaper.

 spin the side of a ping pong ball
Quality Racket

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spin the side of a ping pong ball?

The backhand chop is the most effective way to spin the side of the ball. You can also use a forehand chop, but it isn’t as effective.

The backhand chop is used for spinning the ball because it is an easy way to do so. The backhand chop allows you to do two things at once. First, you can spin the ball by chopping it.

Second, you can make contact with the ball. If you chop and make contact at the same time, you’ll send the ball around the field, and it will go further than if you only do one thing at a time.

How do you return a ping pong ball to spin?

Definitely, the best method is to spin the ball on its side, and then you can use a forehand chop to return it to your opponent. However, you should practice your backhand chops to develop your spin serves. 

How do you get more spin on a ping pong paddle?

There are several different ways you can increase your spin. You can add weight to the bottom of your table tennis bat, or you can add more rubber to the end of the bat.

Both of these methods will help you produce more spin. Doing these things can help you have more control over your game, so you can use your paddles in different situations.

Can you put spin on a serve in ping pong?

The serve is one of the most difficult things to do in ping pong. The best way to put a spin on a server is to spin the ball on its side and then hit it with a forehand chop.

How do you do a spin serve?

You can do a spin serve by using a backhand chop. When you do a backhand chop, you can spin the ball by chopping it. You chop the ball, and when you make contact with the ball with the side of the racket.

How can I practice my spin serves?

The best way to practice your spin serves is to practice them against a robot. You will get instant feedback, and you will learn to improve your game skills.


In conclusion, To put a spin on a ping pong ball is all about the spin that you impart on the ball while you are striking it. The spin will determine how much the ball will turn and how fast it will go in its path.

If you are aiming to get the ball to bounce straight back from your opponent’s return, you need to give the ball more spin. But if you want to aim for the net, you should impart less spin so that the ball will be easier to hit towards the net.

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