11 Best Baseball Gloves for Outfielders Reviews [Winner’s Choice]

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Picture this: It’s the bottom of the ninth inning, the sun is setting over the ballpark, and the bases are loaded. The batter steps up to the plate and launches a rocket into the outfield. In that split second, the outfielder becomes the unsung hero, and the fate of the game rests in their gloved hands. The importance of a good glove in the outfield cannot be overstated.

Role of an outfielder in baseball:

Outfielders are the guardians of the outer reaches of the baseball diamond. They’re the players who chase down those soaring fly balls, prevent extra-base hits, and make jaw-dropping diving catches that leave fans in awe. Their role isn’t just about catching the ball; it’s about making game-changing plays, ensuring the team’s success, and often being the difference between victory and defeat.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of outfielder gloves, exploring the key features you should look for when selecting the perfect glove for your outfield exploits. From size and webbing to material and pocket depth, we’ll break down the essential elements that make a great outfielder’s glove. Then, we’ll showcase our top picks for the best baseball gloves for outfielders, providing detailed reviews and highlighting their pros and cons.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll also share essential tips for caring for and maintaining your glove, ensuring it stays in top-notch condition for seasons to come. Plus, we’ll reveal the secrets of breaking in your outfielder glove like a pro, making it feel like an extension of your hand. So, if you’re an aspiring outfield hero or a seasoned outfielder looking to upgrade your gear, keep reading – because the perfect glove for your outfield adventures is just a few scrolls away.

Key Features to Look for in Outfielder Gloves

Size and Webbing

The Ideal Glove Size: The Bigger, the Better

In the world of outfielder gloves, size truly matters. Think of your glove as your trusty net, and the baseball as your elusive prey. Outfielders need a glove with an expansive sweet spot – one that’s like the open arms of a catcher waiting for a hug. Generally, you’ll want to aim for a glove in the range of 12.5 to 13.5 inches. This size provides the coverage needed to snag those high-flying pop flies and track down line drives that seem destined to land in the gap.

Webs That Work Wonders

Webbing isn’t just for show; it’s a crucial element of your glove’s functionality. The webbing style you choose can significantly impact your performance in the outfield. Here’s a quick rundown of the options:

  • Closed Webbing: This style conceals your grip on the ball, making it ideal for outfielders who want to keep their strategies under wraps. It’s perfect for those situations where you want to keep the batter guessing until the last moment.
  • Open Webbing: If visibility of the ball is your top priority, open webbing is your ally. It provides a clear view of the ball as it approaches, allowing you to track it with precision. This is a must for outfielders who need to make those split-second decisions on deep fly balls.
  • H-Webbing: The H-web is a versatile choice, combining the benefits of closed and open designs. It offers a degree of concealment while also providing some visibility, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Trap Webbing: For outfielders who crave stability and support, trap webbing is a solid option. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of webbing, providing that extra structure to secure high-velocity catches.

Your choice of webbing should align with your playing style and preferences. Whether you opt for the mystique of closed webbing or the visibility of open webbing, your glove should feel like an extension of your hand, ready to make each catch an art form.


Leather vs. Synthetic: A Battle of Titans

When it comes to material, outfielder gloves primarily come in two flavors: leather and synthetic. Each has its unique characteristics that can affect your performance on the field.

  • Leather: The golden standard for baseball gloves. Leather gloves are known for their durability, superior feel, and ability to mold to your hand over time. They offer that classic baseball experience that purists adore.
  • Synthetic: These gloves are often more affordable and require less break-in time. They can offer excellent performance right out of the box and are often easier to maintain. Plus, they can be more resistant to the elements.

The Pros and Cons:

  • Leather Advantages: Outstanding durability, superior feel, molds to your hand, and ages like a fine wine.
  • Leather Disadvantages: May require a longer break-in period, can be pricier.
  • Synthetic Advantages: Quick break-in time, affordable, resistant to moisture and weather.
  • Synthetic Disadvantages: Less traditional feel, may not last as long as leather with heavy use.

Ultimately, the choice between leather and synthetic comes down to personal preference, budget, and how much time you’re willing to invest in breaking in your glove.

Pocket Depth

The Deeper, the Better: Why Pocket Depth Matters

Pocket depth is like the secret sauce of your outfielder glove. A deeper pocket can mean the difference between catching that soaring fly ball or watching it sail over your head. It’s your safety net, your security blanket in the outfield.

Choosing the Right Depth:

  • Shallow Pockets: These are great for quick transfers and lightning-fast throws. If you need to get the ball out of your glove and into your throwing hand in the blink of an eye, a shallow pocket is your best friend.
  • Deeper Pockets: If you’re all about those high-flying catches, a deeper pocket gives you more surface area to secure the ball. It’s like having a bigger target in the sky.

Choosing the right pocket depth depends on your playing style. If you’re a versatile outfielder who needs to be ready for anything, consider a moderate pocket depth that balances both aspects.

Padding and Protection

Armor for Your Hand: The Importance of Padding

Outfielders often find themselves in the line of fire, racing toward hard-hit line drives and taking the brunt of those long throws to the plate. That’s where padding comes into play. It’s your shield against the impact forces of the game.

The Heroes of Protection:

  • Finger Protection: Some gloves come with reinforced padding in the fingers to guard against stinging impacts and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Palm Padding: Extra padding in the palm area can help absorb the shock from catching hard-hit balls, ensuring your hand stays comfortable and safe.
  • Wrist Closure: A secure wrist closure not only keeps your glove snug but also provides an extra layer of protection for your wrist and lower hand.

Advanced protection features in your glove can make a world of difference in comfort and safety, especially during those heart-pounding moments in the outfield.

In the world of outfielder gloves, size, webbing, material, pocket depth, and padding all play pivotal roles in your performance. So, choose wisely, and let your glove become an extension of your skill, ready to make those game-changing plays.

List of the Best Baseball Gloves for Outfielders Reviews 2022 You Must Check

1. Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove

best baseball gloves for outfielders

This type of gloves has been popular among outfielders who like to have gloves that are long-lasting with lesser rebound and perfect fit – not too loose or tight! It has been chosen by both professional outfielders and amateurs to ensure their best performance on the field!

This type is designed for unisex adults and has features to serve professional outfielders.

Why choose Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove?

It should be chosen because of its affordability and quality. Another reason that is convincing about this type is that one can find its replacement easily when necessary.


  • Size: 12.75 inch
  • Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Web: 6 finger trap web
  • Material: Pro Stock leather
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Hand Throw
  • Color: Black/Blonde/Red
  • Model Year: 2018


  • It provides excellent support for fingers.
  • It is made of the highest quality material having rugged durability and an unmatched feel.
  • It lasts a long time if the proper care is met.
  • It is made of SuperSkin material that retains its shape and makes it lighter. This glove does not absorb moisture (weatherproof) due to the presence of SuperSkin.
  • It has dual welting that results in a more durable pocket and a longer-lasting break-in.
  • Its break-in process is faster.


  • This is not a good choice for youngsters or players with smaller hands.
  • This type of glove does not have much padding that should protect the palm and finger.

2. Mizuno Gloves Hand Sport mitt

Mizuno Gloves Hand Sport mitt

For any baseball player who performs either in outfield or infield position as a catcher or pitcher, Mizuno Gloves Hand Sport mitt would be the perfect choice for gloves!

Why choose Mizuno Gloves Hand Sport mitt?

Mizuno Gloves Hand Sport mitt is a perfect pick for a baseball player no matter performs an infield or outfield position.

Users can find the features they usually want in this kind of glove.

Moreover, affordability along with high quality in terms of materials and features are enough to attract its target group!


  • Size: 12.75 inch
  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Material: Bio soft leather
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Hand Throw
  • Color: Black shock 2 web


  • Mizuno Gloves Hand Sport mitt made of bio soft leather is light.
  • With a perfect balance of oil and softness, this kind meets the need of players demanding gloves with exceptional feel and firm control.
  • It has thick leather in the palm and fingers and is flexible.
  • It has a comfortable index finger stall.
  • It has a rich and premium look logo.


  • None but mostly baseball finds it suitable.

 3. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove Series

This is a popular type of outfield glove. These gloves of 12.7 inches in length are made of the top 5 percent of a steer hide. Moreover, it offers some extra benefits along with those services provided by other types.

Why choose Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove Series?

This type of glove made of high-quality material allows players to have a proper feel and ease in hand to give their highest level of performance in the field.

Steer hide, the kind of leather having higher durability than other types allows gloves to be molded and shaped according to users’ hands.

Therefore, this type of glove can be a good choice for outfielders due to the better services it offers through its nice texture.

Besides, the popularity of Rawlings among baseball stars and famous professionals like MLB players should also be taken into consideration while deciding on the product!


  • Hand orientation: Left Hand Throw
  • Color: Black
  • Target Audience: Unisex-Adults
  • Model Year: 2016


  • Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Gloves series has good breathability, ventilation, open web, and deep pocket plus wool blend padding. It has thermoformed moisture-wicking wrist pad and can be comfortably used in Summer or hot conditions.
  • Due to being handcrafted with great care and precision, it has high durability.
  • This kind would be a great choice for one who likes soft gloves as Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove series is made of soft material, and has a soft leather finger back lining.
  • It has a shield that protects players’ eyes from the sun.
  • The break-in process is faster in this type.


  • Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a little heavier.

4. Rawlings Mike Trout Pro Outfield Glove

Rawlings Mike Trout Pro Outfield Glove

Named after Mike Trout, an MLB player with significant records and achievements, the Mike Trout Pro Outfield Glove of Rawlings brand offers a great deal for outfielders. With 100% wool padding and a handcrafted body, it provides the necessary services an outfielder wants to have in their gloves!

Why choose Rawlings Mike Trout Pro Outfield Glove?

This type would be a good pick for outfielders considering the advantages it provides to ensure their highest performance in the field.

The features like a deep pocket, softness, and capacity for reshaping during the break-in process according to players’ preference make this type of glove perfect for outfielders to give their best.


  • Size: 12.25
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Rawlings
  • Hand Orientation: Left Hand Throw


  • Rawlings Mike Trout Pro Outfield Glove is a versatile kind of glove that can be used for many playing preferences.
  • It is designed to be breathable and has good ventilation that keeps players’ hands protected from moist weather. Thus, keeping the hands dry helps players to enjoy better grip and control of the ball.
  • It has a better adjustment mechanism that ensures proper fit according to individuals’ hands.
  • It has a deeper pocket allowing outfielders to have a great hold of flying balls or hard-hit shots.


  • This type is not ideal for infielders recommended by experts.

5. Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield Glove

Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield Glove

For anyone looking for an outfield quality glove and at the same time, within budget, Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield would be the best option for him to consider!

Why choose Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield Glove?

Exclusively designed for outfielders, Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield Glove provides a great option that must be considered while shopping!

It would be wise for outfielders to go for the Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield Glove because this is budget-friendly, and addresses all the requirements of a perfect outfield glove.

Other advantages like long durability and attractive look make this type of glove a good choice for outfielders!

Moreover, Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield Glove can be used by all levels of players including professional players, high school players, and college players.


  • Size: 12.75-inch
  • Brand: Rawlings
  • Color: Black
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Hand Throw


  • It has deep Pro-H webbing the unique kind of webbing used in outfielders’ gloves. This special design allows players to catch the ball without hurting their hands.
  • This kind is made of Pro Soft leather, a top-notch leather, that gives these gloves a nice comfortable feel.
  • It has lightweight.
  • It has an attractive look with American-made laces that also give it long durability.


  • This type is not ideal for infielders.

6. Wilson B212 Outfield Glove

Wilson B212 Outfield Glove

This type of glove is particularly produced for pitchers. It is designed by master crafts of Wilson factory. It can be a good choice for players of all levels or categories including seasoned players, beginners, or coaches.

Why choose Wilson B212 Outfield Glove?

Pitchers can confidently pick this item given all the advantages mentioned above plus its outstanding look. Wilson’s signature of Double Play leather is found in its lacing, palm, and shell.

Besides, it has the most popular color palates on the gloves that allow buyers to choose their favorite one!

Also, it requires minimum break-in because of the very soft leather used here.


  • Size: 12 inches
  • Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Hand Throw
  • Color: Walnut White Logos


  • This type is a good deal in terms of both affordability and quality.
  • Users will find it comfortable due to the high-quality leather used in this type of glove.
  • It has double palm construction that results in maximum pocket stability and gives extra protection to hands.
  • It has a fast break-in process.


  • Since it is designed only for pitchers, other players may not find it a perfect choice.
  • It may not as durable as many other types of gloves due to the characteristics of the material/leather used.

7. Marucci BR450 Outfield Glove

Marucci BR450 Outfield Glove

This type is popular among a wide range of players starting from intermediate to expert, elite or professional players.

Marucci BR450 Outfield glove is available in various sizes and colors. Handcrafted by expert manufacturers, it targets players of both groups – left-hand and right-hand throw. It has medium-deep constructions. It carries professional USA-tanned lace.

Why choose Marucci BR450 Outfield Glove

Considering the above-mentioned advantages,  Marucci BR450 can be a perfect option to consider for someone looking for comfortable, high-quality gloves.

This type offers buyers a variety of options to choose from according to their needs and preferences. This type which is skillfully and individually handcrafted promises users a long-lasting product.

Also, outfielders must go for it for its long webbing which is a vital requirement for good outfield gloves.


  • Size: ranges from 11.25 to 12.5 inch
  • Brand: Marucci
  • Colar: Gumbo/Camel
  • Material: Leather
  • Hand orientation: left, right


  • Marucci BR450 is constructed by Steer hide shell leather, the highest quality leather. Thus, the users receive an exceptional feel with unmatched performance.
  • The high-quality leather material gives it perfect break-in, long-lasting structure, and a great overall look.
  • It has fine soft finger backlines that give a comfortable and luxurious feel in hand. It also provides extra protection for hands.
  • High-end internal padding gives it better breathability and ventilation, and thus protects players’ hands from sweating in hot conditions.
  • It is available on different types of webs like I web, single post web, modified trap, and pro H web. The web design of Marucci BR 450 is approved by Marucci Player Advisory Board.
  • It easily adjusts to the shape of users’ hands.
  • It has softer internal padding.


  • This type is not ideal for infielders.

8. Mizuno MVP Prime Outfield Glove

Mizuno MVP Prime Outfield Glove

Mizuno MVP Prime Outfield glove of Mizuno brand is specifically designed for ballplayers striving to own the field!

It has a highly professional look with professional-looking lace along with the signature logo. It is made of bio soft leather having the perfect balance of softness and oil required to create a firm grip and comfortable feel.

Why choose Mizuno MVP Prime Outfield Gloves?

This type would be a great choice for outfielders since it has all the features demanded by them!

It takes the users to their highest level of performance due to the convenience they feel while using it. Moreover, the attractive and professional look of the product adds another dimension to the motivations driving them to go for it!


  • Size: 12.75 inches
  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Material: Leather
  • Hand Orientation: Left Hand Throw
  • Age range: Adult


  • It has Center Pocket Design Pattern resulting in a center pocket under the index finger. It allows the product to have the qualities of the most versatile break-in possible.
  • Bio soft leather material demands the need of outfielders or players by giving the exceptional feeling in hand as well as firm control over the catch/flying balls.
  • It has premium looks that are not the case for the other products in the market.
  • It has an ultra-comfortable padded thumb slot and thus is extra comfortable.
  • It is not expensive.
  • The break-in process is faster for this type.


  • It lacks durability.

9. Marucci HTG Outfield Glove

Marucci HTG Outfield Glove

This type is an A-class glove recommended for outfielders with the orientation of left and right-hand throws. It is constructed of high-quality material like Japanese tanned premium USA Steerhide shell leather. Marucci HTG outfield glove is skillfully handcrafted to ensure the maximum level of perfection with great care.

Why choose Marucci HTG Outfield Glove

While producing Marucci HTG Outfield glove, the needs of players are considered in great detail. It should be chosen for the positive reviews it already received from elite/professional players.

This brand of product has gone through review and test by professional players, and they all recommended the Marucci HTG Outfield glove for its game-readiness and high durability.


  • Size: 12.75 inches
  • Brand: Marucci
  • Hand Orientation: Right and Left-hand throw
  • Color: Camel
  • Model Year: 2016


  • It feels almost weightless which makes players feel light and comfortable.
  • Users get the feeling of great fit due to the presence of Japanese tanned leather material.
  • This type of glove is very long and wide, and perfect for outfielders.
  • It has better durability because of its open-back closure.
  • It features a deep pocket that allows the user to secure the ball perfectly in the middle of the gloves.


  • It may take some time to break in.

10. Rawlings R9 Outfield Glove

Rawlings R9 Outfield Glove

This type of glove of Rawlings brand is new in the market. It is designed to serve beginner to intermediate-level players. It is an outfield glove and can be used by players with an orientation of right-hand throw. It is available in three colors grey, maroon, and black.

Why choosing Rawlings R9 Outfield Glove

Designed especially for outfielders Rawlings R9 Outfit glove offers a good deal in terms of both quality and affordability. Moreover, it is a great fit for middle and high school players or those who belong to the 8 to 14 years age group.


  • Size: 12.75 inches
  • Brand: Rawlings
  • Material: Leather
  • Had Orientation: Right-Hand Throw
  • Color: Grey/Maroon/Black
  • Model Year: 2019


  • The break-in process is fast due to its Pro-H web. Therefore, it makes the players have a game-ready feel.
  • Soft leather is used to make this type. Thus, the users find it soft and comfortable.
  • It has high durability.
  • It provides both comfort and protection to hands with the features like a padded thumb loop, reinforced palm pad, and finger back liners.


  • Rawlings R9 is designed with the outfielders keeping in mind, therefore it may not be a perfect fit for players playing in the infield or other positions.

11. Nokona Elite X2 Outfield Glove

Nokona Elite X2 Outfield Glove

This type is made of top-end Kangaroo and Steerhide leather which is an A-class dark brown leather.

Why choose Nokona Elite X2 Outfield Glove

Professional outfielders, as well as college and high school players in the 8 to 15 years age group, will find it a perfect deal due to the package of advantages this Nokona Elite X2 Outfield Glove offers! That is, by using this, they can find a product that is high performing and at the same time, they can use it for a long time.


  • Size: 12.75 inch
  • Brand: Nokona
  • Material: Leather
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Hand Throw
  • Color: Brown


  • Its break-in process is fast. Hence, the players feel it is game-ready from the very beginning.
  • It has high durability.
  • It has lightweight.
  • It has a closed web with a full trap for which users can move their hands freely and easily.


  • It is relatively costly.

Tips for Proper Glove Care and Maintenance

Cleaning and Conditioning

Cleaning Your Glove: Show It Some Love

Your outfielder glove is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a loyal companion in the game. To keep it performing at its best, you’ll need to show it some TLC from time to time. Here’s how to clean and condition your glove to keep it in tip-top shape:

  • Gather Your Supplies: You’ll need a soft cloth, warm water, mild soap, and leather conditioner. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.
  • Wipe Away Dirt: First, give your glove a gentle wipe-down with the damp cloth to remove any surface dirt. Don’t scrub too hard; just let the cloth do the work.
  • Soap and Water: Mix a small amount of mild soap with warm water to create a soapy solution. Dip your cloth into the solution and wring it out so it’s damp but not soaking wet.
  • Clean the Leather: Gently rub the soapy cloth over the leather surfaces of your glove. Focus on any areas with stubborn dirt or stains. Remember to be gentle; you’re not trying to scrub the leather raw.
  • Rinse and Dry: After cleaning, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away any soap residue. Then, allow your glove to air dry naturally. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme heat, as this can damage the leather.

The Power of Regular Maintenance

Imagine if you never gave your car an oil change or skipped your yearly dentist appointment. Your glove deserves the same level of attention! Regular maintenance isn’t just about keeping it clean; it’s about preserving its quality, comfort, and performance.

  • Preventative Care: Before and after each game or practice, take a moment to inspect your glove. Look for any loose laces, signs of wear, or areas that might need a little extra attention.
  • Storage Matters: When your glove isn’t in use, store it properly. Use a glove conditioner or mink oil to maintain the leather’s suppleness and prevent it from drying out or cracking.
  • Lace Maintenance: Check and tighten the laces periodically. If you notice any fraying or damage, don’t wait to repair them. A well-laced glove is a secure glove.
  • Weather Watch: Be mindful of the weather conditions. If you’ve been playing in the rain, gently dry your glove, and allow it to air out to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Breaking In Care: If you’re breaking in a new glove, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for conditioning. This will help speed up the process and ensure your glove fits like a second skin.
  • Off-Season TLC: During the off-season, give your glove some extra attention. Clean it thoroughly, apply conditioner, and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Remember, your glove is your most trusted companion on the field. Proper care and maintenance not only extend its lifespan but also ensure that it performs at its best when you need it most. So, show your glove some love, and it will return the favor with game-changing catches and unforgettable moments in the outfield.

Storage: The Art of Preserving Your Glove

Tips for Storing Gloves to Maintain Their Shape and Durability

Your outfielder glove is a work of art, carefully crafted to help you achieve greatness on the field. To ensure it remains in peak condition, you’ll need to master the art of storage. Here are some tips to help your glove maintain its shape and durability, season after season:

  • Clean Before You Store: Before tucking your glove away for a break or the off-season, make sure it’s clean and dry. Follow the cleaning and conditioning tips we discussed earlier to ensure there’s no dirt, sweat, or grime left behind.
  • Shape Matters: To maintain its shape, fill the glove’s pocket with a ball or a glove shaping tool. This will help prevent it from flattening out and losing its form.
  • Avoid Compression: Never stack heavy objects on top of your glove. This can cause unnecessary pressure and distort its shape. Find a spot where it can lay flat or hang from a hook or peg.
  • Temperature Control: Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on leather. Store your glove in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. A closet or equipment bag with ventilation is ideal.
  • Protection from Dust: If you’re storing your glove in an open area, cover it with a cloth or a breathable glove bag to protect it from dust and debris.
  • Regular Inspection: Even during the off-season, don’t forget to periodically check on your glove. Ensure it’s maintaining its shape, and if you notice any issues, address them promptly.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you know how to properly store your glove, let’s talk about what not to do. Avoid these common mistakes to prevent unnecessary wear and tear:

  • Don’t Leave it in the Car: Your car can become a scorching oven in the summer and a freezer in the winter. Avoid leaving your glove in the car for extended periods, as extreme temperatures can damage the leather.
  • No Direct Sunlight: Sunlight can cause the leather to fade and become brittle over time. So, while your glove may enjoy basking in the sun during games, it’s not a fan of sunbathing when it’s off-duty.
  • Avoid Moisture: Moisture is the enemy of leather. Never store your glove in a damp or humid environment, as it can lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • Don’t Overstuff: While you want to maintain the glove’s shape, overstuffing it can cause undue stress on the leather and seams. Use a shaping tool or ball, but don’t go overboard.
  • Beware of Pests: Insects and rodents can be attracted to the oils in leather. To prevent unwanted guests from nibbling on your glove, store it in a sealed bag or container.

Your glove is more than just equipment; it’s an extension of your skills and passion for the game. By taking the time to store it properly and avoid common mistakes, you’ll ensure that it’s always ready to perform at its best when you step onto the field. So, treat your glove with the care and respect it deserves, and it will continue to be your trusty partner in making those unforgettable plays in the outfield.

How to Break in Your Outfielder Glove

Importance of Breaking in a New Glove

Imagine being handed a brand-new, stiff pair of shoes and asked to run a marathon. Ouch, right? Well, it’s a bit like that when you get a new outfielder glove. Breaking it in is not just about comfort; it’s about unlocking its full potential on the field. Here’s why it’s so crucial:

  • Improved Flexibility: A new glove can be as stiff as a board, making it challenging to close and catch the ball. Breaking it in enhances its flexibility, ensuring you can make those game-saving catches with ease.
  • Custom Fit: Your glove should feel like a natural extension of your hand. Breaking it in molds the leather to your grip, creating a custom fit that maximizes your control and comfort.
  • Enhanced Performance: A well-broken-in glove allows for quicker ball transfers and better control during throws, crucial in the outfield where split-second decisions can make all the difference.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Break in an Outfielder Glove

Now, let’s dive into the exciting process of breaking in your outfielder glove. Follow these steps, and your glove will go from stiff to supple in no time:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • Your new outfielder glove
  • Glove conditioner or oil (like mink oil)
  • Soft cloth
  • Baseball or softball (depending on your game)
  • Rubber bands or glove lacing kit (optional)

Step 2: Condition the Glove

  • Start by applying a small amount of glove conditioner or oil to a soft cloth.
  • Gently rub the conditioner onto the glove’s outer surface, paying extra attention to the palm and pocket.
  • Don’t overdo it; a little goes a long way. You want to condition the leather, not saturate it.

Step 3: Form the Pocket

  • To develop a deep pocket, place a ball (or two, if you prefer a deeper pocket) in the glove’s pocket.
  • Secure the ball in place using rubber bands or a glove lacing kit. This will help the pocket maintain its shape while breaking in.

Step 4: Work the Leather

  • Now comes the fun part: working the glove. Open and close it repeatedly, using your other hand to help shape the pocket.
  • Pay extra attention to any stiff or stubborn areas. You want the entire glove to become flexible and responsive.

Step 5: Play Catch

  • Take your newly conditioned and shaped glove to the field and play catch. This step is crucial for getting a feel for the glove and breaking it in naturally.
  • Focus on catching balls at different angles and positions to help your glove adapt to various scenarios.

Step 6: Repeat as Needed

  • Breaking in a glove can take some time, so don’t rush the process. Continue to condition, shape, and play catch until your glove feels comfortable and responsive.
  • Some players even sleep with their glove under their mattress to help accelerate the breaking-in process, but this step is optional.

Remember, the process of breaking in your glove is a bit like building a relationship. It takes time, patience, and a little bit of effort, but the end result is a glove that’s finely tuned to your game and ready to make those incredible outfield plays. So, embrace the process, and before you know it, your glove will become your most trusted ally on the field.

People Also Ask Questions

What gloves do MLB outfielders use?

According to WhatProsWear.com, from the tracked record since 2013, Rawlings is the top brand used by MLB outfielders followed by Wilson. Due to the high durability and exceptional game-ready feel, Rawlings Pro Stock Outfield Glove is currently the most recommended glove for professional outfielders in MLB.

Gloves having a larger size closed web design between the thumb and fingers, and deeper pockets are used by MLB outfielders. In case of size, they prefer gloves of 12 to 12.5 inches.

What is the best outfield baseball glove?

The ten best outfield gloves for 2022 are:

  1. Wilson A2000 Glove
  2. Rawlings Mike Pro
  3. Rawlings GG Elite
  4. Wilson 212 Glove
  5. Marucci BR450
  6. Mizuno MVP Prime
  7. Rawlings HOH
  8. Marucci HTG Outfield
  9. Rawlings R9
  10. Mizuno Franchise

However, none of this can be labeled as best over others since it depends on the players’ individual preferences and comfort.

Should outfielders flare their gloves?

Outfielders usually do not prefer to do it due to their opposite requirements to that of the infielders. Outfielders need to have a deeper pocket to make more room for the balls to hold securely.

However, some outfielders flair their gloves at the thumb side especially when the gloves are hard to break in or they want to make the process fast.

What pros wear outfield gloves?

Here are some MLB stars who wear Wilson gloves:

  • Andrew Benintendi
  • Vladimir Guerrero
  • Matt Chapman
  • Carlos Correa
  • Dansby Swanson
  • Dustin Pedroia
  • Evan Longoria
  • Jose Altuve

How many MLB players use Rawling gloves?

According to WhatProsWear.com, 54% of MLB starters use Rawling gloves.

What is the most expensive baseball glove?

Hermes Luxury Baseball Glove manufactured by Hermes, a French manufacturer is the most expensive baseball glove so far. Gold Swift calfskin was the material of which this expensive glove was made. It was a one-piece glove and targeted only one customer.

Followed by Hermes, the second most expensive one is Rawlings Primo made up of Italian leather. Due to the hardened full-grain leather used in this product users need to wait some time to feel game-ready with this glove.

What is the best baseball glove for High School?

Nokona Alpha Select youth glove is so far the best baseball glove for school students.

Another five best youth baseball gloves are:

  • Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Glove
  • Eston Scout Flex Youth Baseball Glove
  • Mizuno Prospect Select Youth Baseball Glove
  • Louisville Slugger Genesis Youth Baseball Glove
  • Rawlings Mark of a Pro

Why do baseball gloves have a finger hole?

A finger hole in the gloves protects the index finger that is usually positioned behind where the ball comes into the gloves with high speed. This hole provides extra support against the force of the flying ball, and thus saves the finger from damage.

Why do infielders flare their gloves?

To ensure the quicker transition of balls from gloves and in turn, the quicker throw of the ball across the diamond infielder most often flare their gloves.

This process of shaping the gloves at the thumb and finger stalls provides a good advantage to the players if they can do it right.

In addition to shaping the gloves, flaring also maintains the stiffness of the entire body of the gloves.

What is a good size glove for an outfielder?

Outfielders need large-size gloves. Usually, 12.5 to 12.75 inches is a good size for an adult and 11 inches for children. Larger gloves allow players to cover a larger area in the outfield.

However, there is no strict rule about what size of gloves an outfielder should wear, rather it depends entirely on the player’s preference.

Final Verdicts

In this journey through the world of outfielder gloves, we’ve covered a multitude of essential topics to help you become a true outfield virtuoso:

  • We delved into the crucial features to look for in your outfielder glove, from size and webbing to material, pocket depth, and padding. Each of these elements contributes to your performance and comfort on the field.
  • We explored the art of glove care and maintenance, emphasizing the importance of keeping your glove clean, conditioned, and well-maintained to ensure it stands the test of time.
  • You learned how to store your glove properly, protecting it from the elements and common pitfalls that could lead to premature wear and tear.
  • Finally, we took you through the magical journey of breaking in your glove, transforming it from a stiff newcomer into a supple, reliable partner ready to make unforgettable plays.

Now, armed with knowledge and the passion for the game, you’re poised to make an informed choice when selecting a baseball glove for outfield play. Remember that your glove isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s an extension of your skills, a reflection of your dedication, and a crucial part of your journey on the field. Choose wisely, considering your playing style, preferences, and the unique features that resonate with you.

Baseball is more than a sport; it’s a community of players, fans, and enthusiasts who share a common love for the game. We’d love to hear from you, our valued readers, about your experiences, tips, and favorite gloves. Have you had a glove that made you feel invincible in the outfield? Or perhaps you’ve discovered a unique maintenance trick? Share your stories and insights in the comments section below.

As you embark on your next outfield adventure, may your glove be your trusted companion, and may your journey be filled with unforgettable catches, thrilling moments, and the sheer joy of playing America’s pastime. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of the best baseball gloves for outfielders, and we’ll catch you in the outfield soon!

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