9 Best Ping Pong Paddle For Beginners – Winner’s Choice

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As a beginner, it is pretty obvious that you won’t have sovereign knowledge or idea about the best table tennis paddle for your fresh start. Some vital features exist in each paddle and from brand to brand it varies. A faithful researched information can help to decide a congenial best ping pong paddle for beginners.

Choosing paddles precisely can bring more pleasure to your game. From mid-level players to intermediate players, can establish the serving style, and create an upbeat performance. 

The newbie is very fortunate that many renowned brands offer quality table tennis paddles for beginners and they are available in the market at savings from pocket money price. 

How can you find the most suitable racket for your game? But is not easy to decide the best ping pong paddle for you by roaming around the market for hours and hours.

This review article can help you to set your mind according to features and product descriptions. Here you can judge the broad exploration thousands of times to find out the best paddle for your game.

Top 9 Best Beginners Ping Pong Paddle That You Are Looking For!

Always we want the best things for ourselves. However, can we find the best things all the time? Maybe you get the right one if you are an expert.

On the other hand, who are beginners, can they find the best? In exception, they might get, but most of the time they do not pick the top quality things.

The reason is lack of knowledge about that product of beginners. So we have helped the beginners here by reviewing the top 9 best paddles for beginners from the player’s choice. Here you go…

1. Killerspin Jet Set 4

Killerspin Jet Set 4
Killerspin Jet Set 4

Killerspin group is one of the picked brands for table tennis lovers. The 5 layered wooden material is perfect for beginner players of all ages. The whole formation of the ping pong paddle is the best choice for recreational ping pong players and freshers. 

The comfortable grip allows the player to hold the ping pong racket in a gentle manner. Lightweight and dimension are the perfect choices for the player.

Killerspin jet set comes up with 4 red and black ping pong paddles and 6 white and orange balls. The 12.2 x 7.9 x 3.2 inches paddles are qualified for defensive style playing because of their good speed and good control. The average speed won’t let the ball bounce too much which helps the player to defend.

This paddle is the best option for defensive players at an affordable price.

Why should you pick this one?

The availability of all kinds of beginner features is the main picking reason for the paddle. The whole package comes with multiple paddles and balls, so the player doesn’t need to spend too much on buying new paddles.

Key features of Killerspin Jet Set 4

  • 5-ply layers of wood blades won’t let the ball spin too much.
  • The moderate 5.5 level speed is ideal for beginner or who wants to improve their skill.
  • The rubber is not too sticky so it’s easy to keep control over the ball
  • A comfortable and firm grip will help to hold the paddle gently


  • Most suitable startup for beginners to understand the playing style.
  • Classy ping pong paddle at a reasonable price
  • Lightweight 0.68 kilograms allow beginners to hold the paddle easily.


  • After a few games, the rubber peels out from the surface
  • The edge banding is flimsy and comes out.

2. Killerspin Jet 200

Killerspin Jet 200
Killerspin Jet 200

Killerspin Jet set is highly recommended for beginner-level players. The high-quality table tennis racket is distinguished for defensive-style players.

This tennis paddle is manufactured keeping in mind the speed and control of the recreational players also. It is a multiple-user racket.

The blue and black rubber combination racket gives a supreme and classy outlook. The 5 layers blade and rubbers are designed in a well-organized way, which ensures durability.

The wooden paddle is convenient, so the weight won’t bother the player.

Killerspin jet 200 is not ITTF approved but the features and formation are appropriate for a beginner.

Why should you buy Killerspin Jet 200?

The syntax of the ping pong paddle is constructed in a manner that a beginner level player and also an intermediate level to an experienced player can balance the racket.

Key features of Killerspin Jet 200

  • An adequate 6.0-speed level helps to maintain good control.
  • Firm and comfortable grip
  • 5 control metering is a flexible choice for beginners or recreational players.
  • The blade is made of 5-layer wood
  • 7.0 spin rate


  • Lightweight
  • Thin blade
  • Comfortable grip
  • Elevated spin and speed
  • 5-ply design


  • Not for professional players
  • Few complained the grip fell off after a few uses

3. Palio Expert 3.0 table tennis

Best ping pong paddle for beginners
Palio Expert 3.0

Palio Expert 3.0 ping pong paddle is one of the astonishing combinations of high quality and bearable price. Moreover, the features are preferable rackets for beginners.

The quality table tennis racket was created with new advancements. The wider edge tape keeps the blade rubber more secure, and the resized handle improved the control over the paddle.

The new design comes with a cover bag, so the buyer doesn’t need to spend extra for the safety of the racket.

This new paddle comes up with more advanced spin and speed than before and for any beginner the perfect spin and speed control is essential. Palio Expert 3.0 offers a 6/10 speed level, 10/10 control over the paddle, and lastly 9/10 for a spin.

The bat is ITTF approved and rubbers that have been authorized, by the ITTF are interchangeable competition legal and offer high levels of speed and spin.

Why should you pick Palio Expert 3.0?

If the buyer ignores the criticism then buying this bat for a startup, won’t make the newbie, feel regret in the long term.

Especially for the new players who want to upgrade the spin level with a reasonable-priced paddle, this racket is one of the best options for them.

Key features of Palio Expert 3.0

  • 9/10 maximum spin level produces lots of spins
  • The improved handle provides a great level of control
  • The blade is best for supportive style and is created for every type of game
  • A beginner who wants to learn control, this bat is the perfect match for them
  • This paddle is 2.42 ounces heavier than the previous one and heavy
  • offensive game
  • weight can reduce the speed level but for the newbie, this is not supposed to be a concern.


  • Produces lots of spins
  • Excellent control
  • An elevated version of the Palio group


  • Heavyweight

Where you can find Palio Expert 3.0?

You can easily buy it on Amazon.com by seeing the Product Highlights: Speed: 6/10

Spin: 9/10

Control: 10/10

Blade: ALL- Wood layer: 3-ply

Weight: 9.12 Ounces

To be honest, the Palio Expert 3.0 is not so much different compared to the Eastfield All-round.

What is the difference between Palio Expert 3.0 and Eastfield All-round?

With 3-ply, the Palio Expert 3.0 will provide less bounce than the Eastfield All-round.

4. Joola Cobra Recreational Ping Pong Paddle

Joola Cobra Recreational Ping Pong Paddle
Joola Cobra

Joola cobra is leading the market since the 1950s and this well-known brand is sponsored by various Olympic tournaments, US open and opening ceremonies.

This pong paddle is made from chosen wood and inverted Peking rubbers and this 5-ply blade is durable and strong. The edge is sealed with Joomla brand special rubber and it offers a strong edge covering so there are rare chances of peeling out the rubber.

The 0.3 pounds weight ensures that the bat provides great speed and control.

The advanced ERGO comfortable grip and weight reduction unlock the proper control, and it helps to increase the ball speed which is perfect for beginner-level players.

This beginner-level paddle bat is ITTF approved.

Why should you pick this paddle?

Everything carries pros and cons so far nothing is clean because from millions of users there are thousand’s probable opinions but after considering all the positive opinions and features Joola cobra is one of the best paddles for beginner levels players. So, a newbie can blindly pick this bat as a first choice.

Key Features of Joola Cobra

  • Lightweight ensures high speed and control over the paddle
  • Chosen wooden material is up with long-term durability.
  • The rubber pattern is designed especially for beginners.


  • ITTP approved
  • Lightweight best to defend offensive players
  • Special wooden material
  • Edge sealed with Joola brand tape and ensures the durability
  • 44 spin level, 40 decent speed, and 92 control


  • There are a few complaints that the paddle handle comes out after a few matches.

5. Butterfly 401 table tennis racket

Butterfly 401 table tennis racket
Butterfly 401

This is one of the most effective improvement options available with everything included in the set. It provides good value for money. This tournament-approved ping pong paddle is ideal for anyone who wants to strike spiny ping pong shots.

Butterfly 401 blade is entirely made of wood and the 5 layers of the wooden material blade are only 165 grams with zero carbon. The paddle has amazing control and spin level. It also aids the player in bouncing the ball across the net with high-spin strokes.

The Paddle and other equipment can be carried in the carrying bag, which provides plenty of room. The instruments are safe for games because of the soft padding within the case.

The Butterfly 401 is a reasonable choice whether you are a novice or advanced player seeking a high-quality table tennis racquet.

This pong paddle is intended for table tennis players who are still developing their balance and strength. Because this is a low-cost item that will last a long time, you will get fantastic value for your money.

This blade achieves the ‘legendary category’ for an exciting and straightforward indoor activity owing to its precise craftsmanship.

Why should you pick this racket?

Butterfly 401 is a very upgraded beginner paddle for beginners as it is ITTF approved so the manufacturing quality and features are a perfect and excellent choice for a beginner to a real player.

The paddle box comes up with a racket case and a rounded flared design on the ping pong paddle handle provides improved grip and comfort. It’s a fashionable table tennis paddle with its shake and grip style and red, grey, and blue colored handle.

Key features of Butterfly 401

  • The paddle offers ideal 80 spin, 80 decent speed, and 85 control level
  • High spins are generated by Yuki rubber on both sides of the powerful racket
  • It has a better grip and is more comfortable
  • The blade contains an inverted surface and is fitted with a 2.1mm super soft sponge layer, delivering the player a supple feel
  • This quality table tennis racket is ITTF approved


  • The racket comes with a case
  • The weight is very light
  • The racket is perfect for high speed and spin
  • Improved grip control is a lavish feature of this bat
  • The stickiness of the rubber increases the paddle spin control.


  • The sticky rubber collects dirt, so the paddle needs very frequent cleaning
  • Some users said that the paddle is heavy and sometimes the hand sores due to weight

6. Butterfly Timo Ball Shakehand Ping Pong Paddle

Butterfly Timo Ball Shakehand Ping Pong Paddle
Butterfly Timo Ball

The Timo table tennis paddle is from the butterfly series. There are three models available in the Time series and they are identified according to the speed level.

This unique featured paddle racket is best for beginners, but the bat is also ITTF approved which ensures the tested quality.

A standard size and entirely lightweight paddle help to hold grip and have fewer chances of slipping while playing. The Pan Asia table tennis racket rubber coatings offer the ideal combination of speed, spin, and control. When striking the ping pong ball, the thicker sponge layer delivers added power.

Table Tennis offers three different ping pong paddle models, each with a different pace. 3000 represents extreme speed, 2000 represents high speed, and 1000 represents medium-high speed.

Each model of Timo Boll table tennis racket has a unique handle design. The Timo Boll ping pong racket comes with two ping pong balls and is packaged in a lovely complete clamshell package. The grips on these ping pong rackets are flared. Players’ favorite grip is the flared ping pong grip.

Why should you buy this?

The Timo table tennis is the best ping pong paddle is required if you wish to advance your game from the beginning level to the intermediate level. Aside from that, these ping pong paddles have a great bounce and can grip the ball nicely.

From a moderate range to an intermediate level, you can enjoy playing a looping shot with this racket. This paddle is ideal for national-level tournament games and gives you a realistic sense of how to play a game.

Key Features of Timo

  • All models carry the same spin rate of 70, speed of 80, and control of 80
  • The rubber is made from Pan Asia
  • ITTF approved
  • 3000 = 2.0mm 1000=1.5mm and 2000=1.8 mm thick pan Asia rubber
  • Models come with different handle designs so the grip may vary
  • Flared perfect grip


  • Offers sub-variant models with features at different reasonable price
  • Pan Asia rubber balances the spin, control, and speed
  • A thick sponge creates extra power while striking
  • Flared ping pong grip
  • Perfect for defending and attacking style


  • There are few sluggish investigate that the rubber quality is not good

7. Butterfly Wakaba Shakehand table tennis racket

Butterfly Wakaba shakehand table tennis racket
Butterfly Wakaba

If you are on the way to stepping into the mid-level player from a newbie with a beginners’ bat, then Wakaba Shakehand is the perfect match for you. The pong paddle is mainly manufactured for professional and mid-level players.

The Butterfly Wakaba Table Tennis Racket is a high-quality ping pong paddle made of 5-plywood and Wakaba rubber that gives you the edge with good spin, speed, and control, allowing you to launch devastating strikes against your opponent.

Players from all around the world have favored the flared handle shape. Ping pong paddle handle color designs distinguish 1000, 2000, and 3000 Wakaba versions.

2 Butterfly tennis balls come with each Butterfly Wakaba table tennis paddle.

The handle is flared, narrowing at the top and widening at the bottom. It has a better hold. The Shakehand type table tennis paddle is both beautiful and ergonomic.

Why should you buy this Racquet?

Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or professional table tennis player, the Wakaba ping pong racket is designed for you. You can rely on the quality and functionality of these paddles.

For your comfort, the paddle is built to last and has an ergonomically smooth shape. With this paddle, even a beginner can rapidly master their spin and develop incredible control in a reasonable price range.

Key features of Butterfly Wakaba

  • High quality levels of spin=80, Control=70 and speed=90
  • ITTF approved
  • Wakaba rubber
  • The thick rubber adds speeds spin and faster shots of spring motion


  • Improved spin level
  • The thick rubber can create spring motion
  • Best for attacking style
  • Highly preferable for the professional players and attacking game


  • Needs frequent cleaning due to the thicker rubber

8. Stiga Performance 4 player ping pong Paddle

Stiga Performance 4 player ping pong Paddle
Stiga Performance

The STIGA blade was created with the beginner in mind and also provides them with the edge they need to win a game. This kit includes 3-star tournament-level balls and high-quality performance rackets with exceptional spin, control, and speed ratings and with this 4-player STIGA table tennis equipment, you can begin a doubles match.

Stiga 4 is USATT approved and this 0.32-pound paddle comes with a 12.99 x 11.38 x 2.32 inches dimension package.

The Performance 4-Player Set is ideal for recreational table tennis player who wishes to compete with their friends.

Why should you buy this one?

This racket will appeal to beginners, particularly those who prefer to play defensively. It’s a fantastic option at this point in your table tennis career. After a few months of practice, you should be able to progress to a faster choice such as the Killerspin jet set 4 or butterfly Timo. The Stiga performance is best for newbie players who want to get introduced to this field.

Key features of Stiga Performance

  • The rubber on the racket is reversed for better ball control and spin.
  • Three-star balls
  • ITTF tournament approved
  • Double wave material


  • Balls are carrying three stars
  • ITTF approved
  • The racket is covered with concentrated inverted rubber
  • Also approved by USATT


  • The paddle produces patchy noises
  • The paddle’s rubber peels off

9. Stiga Evaluation Performance

Stiga Evaluation Performance
Stiga Evaluation Performance

If you’re a rookie or an experienced table tennis player, you’ll never want to settle for a racquet. While there are many selections on the market, we’ve reviewed the STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racquet to help you find the ideal one for your skill and comfort level.

The STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racquet is unlike any other pre-made racquet on the market, as it is designed to fit the needs of elite players. The racquet blade has a shock dispersion tube,’ which is the hollow component of the handle, and thick premium rubbers with 6-ply blades. When the racquet hits the ball, it’s meant to cause reflexive actions.

Why you should pick this paddle?

The bat comes fully constructed and performs admirably. For the money, it’s a good buy because of its lightweight and balance, as well as the professional-grade rubber. It’s a magical racquet, especially for those transitioning from beginner to intermediate players.

You can use it in tournaments because it has an ITTF certification tag. However, this necessitates making essential adjustments at the player’s level to achieve the desired level of comfort.

Why Stiga evaluation and from where I can buy it?

This is suitable for every kind of player from beginner levels to professionals and you can easily find it on Amazon.com. I have considered very much deciding whether I bring this Stiga Evolution to this list or the intermediate list.

Key features of Stiga Evaluation Performance

  • Tackiness: 2.5
  • Speed: 96
  • Spin: 94
  • Control: 90
  • Sponge rubber: 2mm
  • 6-ply blade
  • ITTF approved
  • Attacking Paddle


  • The design allows the comfortable grip and respective spin, speed, and control level
  • The high spin rate is rare at this price on other paddles
  • The flame weight confirms the comfortable grip


  • The sticky surface of the rubber is quite uncomfortable for the newbie
  • Not appropriate for the aggressive players

What is the difference between the Stiga evaluation and Eastfield?

In comparison, the Stiga Evolution has a higher speed rate and higher control level than the Eastfield has. You can find this item on Amazon.com at a reasonable price.

Related Questions You May Have on Your Mind

What is the best ping pong paddle for beginners?

As a beginner, the player should focus on the surface of the rubber. There must be many recommendations, but the playing style comes out when a player starts playing and after being an expert the player can switch the paddle. But I suggest a smooth surface blade and ask to avoid a heavy paddle for the newcomer.

What is a ping pong paddle blade, which one is the best blade, and what is an extra-light blade?

Traditionally, the blade is made up of several layers, of wood containing, in some cases, carbon. Most high-quality manufactured blades have 5 to 9 plies. The rigidity of the blade is affected by the number of layers of wood utilized and the presence of carbon. In general, the stiffer the blade, the greater the speed rating of the paddle.

In my opinion, I would suggest a slow-speed high-quality blade for the newbie.

Light blades increase the speed rate and as you can move the paddle easily so the chances of stroke increase.

What are the different types of rubber?

There are two types of rubbers available and prioritized most pimples-out and pimples-in. As a beginner, the player should go for a pimples-in rubber surface blade. Due to wear and use, the quality of your table tennis rubber will deteriorate over time. But tacky rubber needs very frequent cleaning. Depending on how often you use your rubber, it is recommended that you replace it every so often. However, I would recommend replacing your rubber once a year to keep it in good condition.

What equipment would be great for beginners?

I have discussed nine ping pong paddles all of them are ideal for beginners and you can easily pick one from here.

How many types of paddle handles are available?

In the market, there are three types of handles are available as- Straight handle, Anatomic, and Flared, and they are basically classified according to their shape. But there are not any rules while selecting the handle you can choose according to your preference.

Why Do People like Eastfield-Allround-Professional-Tennis paddles?

The Eastfield-Allround paddle is highly recommended by professional players and experts. This pong paddle is suitable for both outdoor and indoor play. The structure and features of the paddle are applicable to both professional players and for beginners level.

Why Do People Support NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Paddles?

These elevated paddles can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. Certified tennis balls and a set of four high-quality tennis rackets are included in the bundle. These are ideal for any recreational game or time spent gaming for amusement. A good set of ping pong paddles with good material and a clever design will make a big difference in your game. These ping pong paddles have an excellent rating for a spin.

Why are ping pong paddles two colors?

This is declared by ITTF that paddles should be in two colors one should be dull and another side bright color. The different colors present two types of rubber so that the players can decide their playing style and the rubber changes the spin, and speed control. Generally focusing on control ratings thinner sponge or rubber increases the spin rate.

What ping pong paddles do professionals use?

There are multiple paddles are used by professionals as it’s varied according to their playing style and comfort. But there are some specific brands are available on their priority lists like- Stiga tournament, Stiga pro carbon, Butterfly Timo, Killerspin Jet 800, and the list goes on.

Do Ping pong paddles have different sizes?

Ping pong paddle comes in different shapes, sizes, and weight but there are some limitations from the ITTF the makers cannot make any changes. But flat blade and wooden paddle are highly recommended by the ITTF. But while choosing a beginner ping pong paddle  

Why Do People like Killerspin JET SET 4 Ping Pong Paddle Set?

Killerspin Jet set 4 comes up with 4 paddles and 6 two colored balls. This whole package is around $58. Not only the price Killerspin is a very high-quality bat for beginner-level players.

How to choose the best ping pong paddle for a beginner player?

It is best to select a 5-ply blade as a beginner and after being an expert 7-ply blade can be a pick for powerful shots.


The beginner can start with any paddle but each player needs bluffy quality equipment. Scoring the goal is solely dependent on your abilities and qualifications, but an ideal paddle can boost your skill by double. When you win the game and your paddle is on your side while defending, only then you can find the happiness of investing in the correct racket.  

A wisely decided paddle with a demanding construction method ensures the player’s well performance. There are already options for redesigning the paddle according to the playing style. A player can change the rubber, edge according to the gaming style. But we have discussed a few homelike brands and after using one of them I am pretty much sure you don’t need to pay anything extra for the redesign. 

Our discourse on the best ping pong paddle for beginners will help you to choose the right option without zero hassle. We tried to disclose all contingent perspectives hope these will help you find out your perfect required match. 

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